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Establish Your Routine as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur who works from home full-time, it can be a struggle to establish your routine. Many of us struggle with planning and balancing out our day. At a recent conference where I spoke on ways to be more productive with limited time, a fellow full-time entrepreneur asked “Can you address how those of us with TOO much time on our hands can do the same?”

At first her question made me pause and then I quickly remembered the days when I first transitioned to being my full-time boss. My days alternated between rocking out my to-do list and binge-watching Matlock while in my pajamas all day long. When you go from having small amounts of time to work on and build your business to having hours and hours that stretch out over days, it can be overwhelming. Rather than complete all the things on your action list, you find yourself not knowing exactly where to start, how to motivate yourself and even questioning your decision to make this major shift in your life.

Daily Habits for Success as an Entrepreneur


First things first. Relax.

Having a clear why, specific goals and a strategic plan of action will help you to be successful. You are now at a point where you need to define and create a new routine to let your mind and body know it’s time to start working.

Think about it – when working outside of the house you would get up, get dressed, drive to work listening to your favorite morning show, get to work, hit the break room, surf the web for a few hours minutes and then started your day. You had a routine. Doing those things on a daily basis triggered your body that it was time to start your work day and be productive(ish).

Establish Your Routine for Your Work Day

The same is true when you transition to your business and are more in control of your work days. Creating those routines will remind you that it’s time to start your work day.

Get dressed for your work day.

Get dressed. Have work clothing. Your work from home fashion style does not have to be fancy but it’s great to be prepared for pop-up meetings, video chats and errands that you may need to run. You are now representing your business every time you leave your home. Having clothing that is separate from what you typically wear around the home is important to create a distinct separation from work-time and off-time.

Eat breakfast each day.

Eat breakfast. You’d be surprised at how many entrepreneurs put off their meals or simply forget. I don’t have to tell you how important it is to have regular meals throughout your day.

Incorporate movement in your day.

This is another area that many entrepreneurs will neglect. Whatever your regimen is, make time for it. A walk around the neighborhood, your local gym or even YouTube videos.

Prioritize your work day.

Prioritize your day in a way that works best for you. Think about when you are at your peak performance and do the tasks that will require most of your time and attention then. Also, knowing what that one BIG thing you need to do each day and tackling it as soon as possible helps you to feel more productive and successful. My friend Amiyrah Martin shares in the video below how you can tackle your work week using her proven Long List / Short List method.

My “Hour of Power” routine has been my saving grace for my business – especially when the unexpected happens or during holidays and vacations. Think about it –  what are 3-5 tasks you can set aside time to do within 1 hour? These should be tasks that if you got nothing else done that day completing them would leave you with a sense of accomplishment.

Schedule your lunch break.

Set an alarm for lunch and step away from your work. It’s important to have regular breaks throughout your day to give your mind time to reset and rejuvenate.

Incorporate Quiet Time and Self-care into your daily routine

I am consistently reminding my clients (and myself) that we cannot pour into others if we do not pour into ourselves first. It is a non-negotiable to schedule time for yourself to refresh, refocus and regroup on a daily basis.

Establish a routine for making income daily.

My friend and fellow entrepreneur, Brandi Riley, shares a method to grow your business with 4 action steps each day. BERG – book, earn, receive and grow. Since incorporating BERG into my daily routine, I have seen significant increases in my blog, coaching and product-based businesses. You can learn more about BERG in the video below:

Connect with your community.

Know where your people are and check in with them on a regular basis. This could be posting social media updates, sending out an email or live-streaming. Determine what works best for you and your business and remember to be present and visible.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.