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DWP Challenge Day 6: It’s OK to be First


With our many different roles, we often put ourselves at the very bottom of our to-do lists (if we even make it on the lists at all!).

It’s okay to do things for ourselves. It’s okay to take time out and away from our family, friends and loved ones and just indulge in pure, selfish moments.

One of the definitions I found for selfishness is “exclusive regard to one’s own interest or happiness”.  Often times that takes on a negative connotation. However, in our many roles in life we often place so much emphasis everyone else that we need gentle reminders to do something for ourselves.

We need to unwind and de-stress. We need to pamper ourselves and let our families (especially our children) see us do so.

My selfish moment today: enjoying one of my daughter’s birthday cupcakes while sitting on my patio enjoying the quietness of the afternoon while my kiddos napped.

Do you regularly do things for yourself? If not, what’s keeping you from starting? If so, please share and inspire the rest of us 🙂


You can see the inspiration behind the challenge and the first 7 days challenges below:

Day 1: Write Personal Mission Statement

Day 2: Rather than criticize, coach. Motivate with positive feedback and influence.

Day 3: Do something nice for someone else – leave a soda money by the vending machine, pay for someone’s coffee, let that extra car turn during your morning or afternoon commute, etc

Day 4: Focus on the positive all day. No negative thoughts. (Warning – often when you make a conscious effort to be positive, it will seem as though anything and everything that can go wrong will – keep smiling and stay positive through it all).

Day 5: Connect with at least 4 other people and commit to motivating and inspiring one another for the next 5 days. It doesn’t have to be anything ornate – just a simple motivating text, email, Facebook post, etc.

Day 6: Have a selfish moment. Do something for yourself.

Day 7: Share lessons from your successes and failures with someone that can benefit from it.

You can see an overview and the inspiration behind this 14-day challenge here.

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Wednesday 10th of October 2012

This is so true. I think it is so important for our kids to see that we are still active with our interests and we take time out to actually do it. The stuff that I love doing for myself is washing my hair, and doing my nails. On occasion, I'll even wear perfume, even if I'm not going any where.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.