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DWP Challenge Day 4: Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking and talk is definitely not a new topic here on Divas With A Purpose.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about Dreamkillers and the experience I had with someone close to me speaking negative thoughts into my psyche and how it affected me for years to come. Being positive is not always an easy thing to do. However, the more you focus on it and practice it, the easier it becomes part of your natural habit.

Many times it’s easier to focus on the negative – complain – make a lot of noise rather than rise above all of that (and others) look at the brighter side of things.

Today I had to deal with some specialness and had to check myself.  Rather than complain about and berate those that didn’t do what they were supposed to do, I had to stop, breathe and explain how their actions affected the grand scheme of things.  Often times when people do things – it’s not that their lazy or slack – they truly don’t realize how what they do affects others and aren’t able to prioritize correctly.

Did you have any trying moments today? Did positive thinking and talking help you re-focus and become more productive?

Week 1 of the Challenge:

Day 1: Write Personal Mission Statement

Day 2: Rather than criticize, coach. Motivate with positive feedback and influence.

Day 3: Do something nice for someone else – leave a soda money by the vending machine, pay for someone’s coffee, let that extra car turn during your morning or afternoon commute, etc

Day 4: Focus on the positive all day. No negative thoughts. (Warning – often when you make a conscious effort to be positive, it will seem as though anything and everything that can go wrong will – keep smiling and stay positive through it all).

Day 5: Connect with at least 4 other people and commit to motivating and inspiring one another for the next 5 days. It doesn’t have to be anything ornate – just a simple motivating text, email, Facebook post, etc.

Day 6: Have a selfish moment. Do something for yourself.

Day 7: Share lessons from your successes and failures with someone that can benefit from it.

You can see an overview and the inspiration behind this 14-day challenge here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.