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Coping With Migraines

Disclosure: I created this post as part of a sponsored campaign by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Compensation was received.

Even though migraines rank in the top 3 of the world’s prevalent medical conditions and nearly 36 million Americans suffer from them, there are many who seem to just not get it. For those that have not experienced a migraine, it can be hard to understand how a “simple headache” can cause you to call into work and miss out on events. The easiest answer I give when questioned is “It’s NOT a simple headache”.

Stress and lack of sleep are my main migraine triggers. Unfortunately, the past few months I have found myself dealing with all three: stress, lack of sleep and migraines. Also, changes in weather can affect migraine sufferers, so the change in season and traveling to areas with different barometric pressures and humidity make a big difference to me, as well.

Coping With Migraine #MoreToMigraine

Coping With Migraines: Be Prepared

Having some of these items close at hand at home to help cope with sudden migraines make a big difference and help alleviate your anxiety.

These are few items that I try to keep close by at home, in my care and keep in my travel bag:

  • ginger candy for nausea
  • not a fan of ginger? Try anti-nausea wristbands
  • plastic bags in case of vomiting
  • noise-cancelling earbuds
  • sunglasses or a sleep mask
  • essential oils
  • bottled water to alleviate dehydration

Also, tracking your migraine and the events, emotions and environment leading up to them seems to helps many – especially if you get them frequently. You can create a journal or just use a pocket calendar to:

  • notate when you have a migraine
  • its severity
  • possible triggers
  • accompanying symptoms.

It may help to track tension headaches, too. Reviewing this information may help you to uncover triggers or patterns in behavior that lead to your migraines.

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