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Choosing Happiness Crusade with Linda Joy


One of my favorite topics.  I have joined host and bestselling Publisher Linda Joy as a Sponsor of the Choosing Happiness Crusade and Video Series.  This inspirational series features 30 intimate soul-inspiring video conversations created to inspire YOU to believe that despite the messiness of life – happiness is within reach. Unlike other “interview’ style events, Linda’s style makes you feel like you are sitting at the kitchen table with your dearest divas getting real, raw and vulnerable! The ultimate #DivaTime with a Purpose!

Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness Now Available

Last month I shared with you the release of Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness and if you haven’t grabbed your copy PLUS the 42 FREE gifts and, now, 30 videos – you still have time!

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Happiness is so many things to each of us. From quiet moments of solitude to rambunctious, raucous moments with our loved ones – we have the power to choose to enjoy those moments and make the most of them. That’s not always easy. Life can throw us some curve balls.

I made a conscious choice to choose gratitude and joy.

I’ve shared before my conscious decision a few years ago to focus on those things I had the power to change in my life. Each day I listed out at least five things I was grateful for and gave thanks for all that I had. I didn’t dwell on the stuff I couldn’t change or impact. Trust me, Divas, it made a difference. It continues to make a difference.

My life is far from sunshine, daisies and cotton candy everyday. But I have happiness. I have joy. I have love. Through the hurts and disappointments, I am able to laugh even when I want to cry. I am able to see the silver lining. And I am able to bless and encourage others as a way of paying it forward for the women who did the same for me on countless occasions.

Choosing Happiness In All Moments

 Within you is the power to choose happiness even in the darkest times!

Reserve your seat today and receive access to 30 happiness videos and 42 inspiring gifts.


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Thursday 5th of March 2015

Happiness is on the inside and the PEACE that it brings is PRICELESS!

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