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Best Bladder Help for Moms Who Experience Bladder Leaks

Disclosure: This article on the best bladder help for moms who experience bladder leaks is written in partnership with Always Discreet.

This summer, my children and I are hitting the highway to explore the great sights around our state. We’ve visited the oldest oak tree in the United States. We are excited to see our first waterfall in person and even visit a UFO Welcome Center. Divas, can we be real with one another? Like really real? I am beyond excited about this time together with my children. Making new memories, great photo ops and learning new things about our state together. I am NOT so excited about planning out our stops, limiting my beverage intake and stifling my goofy, gut-wrenching laugh when one of my kiddos inevitably says or does something that is absolutely hilarious.

One out of three women reading this understand where this is going. If you’re an African-American woman over the age of 18, one out of two of you get where this Diva is coming from. Female incontinence. Overactive bladder. We are not alone. In retrospect, I can remember my mother and aunts alluding to their experiences but not really being forthright about it. As I got older and especially after the birth of my first child, I remember being horrified about my bladder leaks. This year, I am focusing on living without compromise and being open and honest about ALL the different health issues I experience is one way that I am doing that. Mainly to let others realize that they are not alone and to create the open dialogue so we can provide support and insight on how we can live each day to the fullest.

Living Without Compromise

What does help?

  • Daily pelvic floor exercises (Kegel) throughout the day help strengthen your muscles if they are weakened from pregnancy (check) or being overweight (check again).
  • Creating a bathroom schedule to get into the habit of emptying your bladder regularly.
  • Did you know caffeine and alcohol increases urine production? Limiting your intake makes a difference, as well.
  • Wearing bladder leak products to give you additional support, comfort and confidence

Regular period pads just won’t cut it. Having a product specially made for female incontinence is a must as it provides additional absorbency, leak protection and odor guard. This summer, Always Discreet is coming along on our journeys and allowing me to laugh out loud, jump for joy and cross one thing off of my list of things to be concerned about.

Personally, I prefer Always Discreet Incontinence Pads because they are thinner than the leading incontinence brand and absorb four times more than period pads of a similar size. From liners to underwear, there’s a product that will work for you and your needs. So this summer and beyond, whether it’s exploring your local community or a spur-of-the-moment road trip, live confidently, without compromise and do not let bladder leaks stop you from laughing out loud, having impromptu tickle sessions with your kiddos, or taking a whirl on that roller coaster. Find the best Always Discreet to take along for the journey and enjoy the ride!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Always Discreet. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Wednesday 19th of July 2017

I am so there and I agree with you. My mother was the same way. I had to find out in horror a lot of things about being a woman that she held from me, because they didn't "share" those things. I'll look at the new Always brand. Thanks.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.