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The Best Apps for Moms: Improving Our Productivity

Quick Note: This article is a paid partnership between Divas With A Purpose and Nakturnal. All information and opinions are my own. This article, also, includes affiliate links.

I recently noticed that my smartphone was filled with mostly productivity apps to help me win at mom-life. Because … mom-brain is real, y’all! This is the year that all of my kids decided to get social lives. So between keeping up with everything I need to do within my personal and business life – I am keeping up with practices, projects, play dates, oh my!

It got me to thinking. Just what are the best apps for moms and kids? These days so much of our lives are managed right from the palm of our hands. As a mompreneur with an online-based business, it is very helpful and allows me to not be tied to my desktop or laptop on a regular basis. I can do what I need to do from my phone and then put it away to be present and available.

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I asked some of my super-smart friends what they’re favorite apps were and am sharing them below with you. The ones that I use or have used a (*) next to them.

Best Calendar Apps for Moms

This is the nitty-gritty of keeping up with all of our schedules. Google Calendar*and Cozi were the main two apps that were mentioned.

Best Medical Apps for Moms

Medical apps are my favs! Why? Between the five of us, there is always something going on. Having credible apps to use to help us stay well or get streamline our medical care are absolute must-haves!

Abridge is a great app for moms and kids because it allows you to record pertinent information at your doctors' appointments.

I recently started using Abridge to record our family’s doctor’s appointments and ensure I get all the instructions and information down correctly. My children’s pediatrician (he’s an entire mess) had a field day giving me his instructions in his best Donald Duck impression. This helps with their appointments and mine. It is so easy to be scatterbrained when you are not feeling 100% or caring for a sick child. Abridge not only records the conversation, but highlights key moments, and will let you email the transcript through the app.  I don’t know about your household, but my husband’s strong suit is not relaying messages. So when I was out of town and he took our youngest to a well-child check-up this app came in very handy!

I’ve shared before how much I love Amwell. It allows you to visit with a doctor from the comfort of your own home. Amwell doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are dedicated to keeping you healthy. Your first visit is only $1 using the code BEWELL13.

Best Budgeting and Savings Apps for Moms

One of my super budgeting mom-friends says Fudget is a great app to use for checking your budget on the go!

I have been using Digit since September 2015. I balked when they introduced the paid version of $5 a month. However, they’ve grown on me. The daily alerts, reminders, and ease of use make saving seamless. I’ve set it and checked it and realized I’d saved over $100 dollars without even missing it from my account over a month or two time period. You can learn about all the benefits, sign up and receive a $5 bonus with your first auto-save.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Best Note-Taking / To-Do Lists Apps for Moms

Notes* (yes, the simple Notes app on your phone that many may have forgotten about.)

The Clear app was new-to-me and I am excited to test it out! Yes, it’s been around for almost eight years. I’m a tad behind the curve, okay? “Tame the chaos of your life and focus it to something simpler with Clear, an app that somehow improves on the simple satisfaction of crossing off items on a piece of paper.”

Quite a few of my friends recommended Wunderlist for easily sharing projects and lists with others.

Google Keep

Best Grocery Shopping Apps for Moms

Local Grocery Stores (I love the Kroger app! I use it to make my grocery list, find store coupons and shop sales. Grocery pick-up or delivery can be done through the app. I can, also, use the list function to stay focused when I shop in the store to get just what I need and not what my stomach tells me to pick up.)

A friend recommended sharing the app log-in with your family so if someone needs something from the grocery store, they can easily add it to the list!

InstaCart came in so handy when my oldest son and I were home sick with the flu a couple of years ago. I had never used the service. A friend called to check in on me and sent me a code to try it and I may have cried. There’s something about someone bringing you soup and juice when you’re sick that brightens your day.

I love Ibotta and Fetch Rewards as simple ways to earn cashback or gift cards from the groceries I am already purchasing. With Fetch Rewards, you simply scan your grocery receipts to earn points. That’s it. Ibotta, you earn cashback based on the different products you purchase. I buy what I buy and if it happens to be on Ibotta, I get the cashback. I try to keep things as simple as possible.

Best Sharing is Caring Apps for Moms

I love SendOutCards! Every now and then I get an envelope filled with happiness and joy from my friend April who loves to mail some joy regularly.

You can send cards and gifts to anyone on the go, with the SendOutCards app.

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What are your favorite apps that help you get all the things done?

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