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The Best Amazon Services for Mompreneurs

Disclosure: This article on how Amazon helps me to be more efficient in my daily life as a mompreneur includes affiliate links.

One of the questions I’m consistently asked is “How do you get it all done?”

Spoiler alert: I don’t. Over the years I have learned to delegate, delete and simplify tasks as much as possible.

It’s often assumed that I have so much more “free” time since I work from home and am my own boss. Another spoiler alert: I don’t. What I do have is more flexibility to decide when I will do what needs to be done but it all still has to get done.

Everyday I’m Hustlin’ … can you relate?

This seems to be the mom mantra these days. Let’s be honest here – the hustle is real and can be completely exhausting. Over the years I have found a routine that works for our household. This past year has been extremely … interesting. We’ve been a one car family for longer than I would like to be comfortable with in a city that is not very no-car-having-friendly. Rather than sulk and throw things (yes, I have been known to do that from time-to-time) I have adapted and found ways to ensure that the flow of our household and my business is not interrupted.

Amazon services for mompreneurs help us to be more productive and efficient in all areas of their life. #amazon #productivity #AmazonKidsandFamily

My Amazon Prime membership helps in so many ways. On a recent business trip my daughter called me in a panic because she realized I was going to be gone on her snack day. If you didn’t know, snack day is serious business in the first grade. I was able to jump online, have her snacks delivered directly to the school to her teacher’s attention and even include a note and special treat for my daughter. While it may not seem like much, it’s the ease at which I’m able to still be present while I’m not present that makes a big difference in my children’s world.

Technology that helps you be great!

I had the opportunity to learn more about how Amazon can help me be awesome in my day-to-day routine. #AmazonKidsandFamily #productivity #mom2summit

Last month I attended Mom 2.0 – an amazing conference for digital influencers. I connected. I spoke on two different panels. I even brought home an award for live-streaming. But right now in this moment – I’m worn out and know I need to give my body time to recuperate. My brain is also zipping because I know there’s a long list of must-dos to complete before I head back out for more business travel.

I had the opportunity during Mom 2.0 to connect with the Amazon Team and learn about the many ways they could help me be more productive with my daily routines … and get some rest while outsourcing some of my daily tasks.

From chore lists to new ways to distribute my tips and articles to my community, creating your own customized Alexa skill is simple to do. #amazon #alexa #productivity #mom2summit

Alexa helps me so much throughout the day but I knew there were more ways to incorporate her technology into our household’s daily routines. Just a brief conversation on how to set up customized skills got my brain a-churning. From chore lists to new ways to distribute my tips and articles to my community, the Amazon Home technology is on it.

Wake up. Drink coffee. Be awesome. Repeat. sign available from Amazon Handmade

Wake up, hydrate and be great!

One of the biggest adjustments to me working in the home full-time was my family’s expectation that all the things home-related would be handled by me with ease. I was home all day long, right? (Yes – one of my children actually spoke those words to me once.)

I will be honest, I felt this expectation to be on top of everything, as well, but quickly released those feelings. Thanks to Amazon Home I can quickly find certified service providers to help with repairs, furniture assembly, cleaning and more. The great thing about their services is that you receive upfront pricing, ease of scheduling and are often supporting a locally-owned business.

These are just a few ways that the website many of use for online shopping can help us to be more productive and efficient within our homes on a regular basis.

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