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How Amazon Handmade benefits Artisans and their community

Disclosure: This article is a sponsored partnership between Divas With A Purpose and Amazon.

I have spent the last week at Mom 2.0 – an amazing conference for digital influencers. I connected. I spoke on two different panels. I even brought home an award for live-streaming. Now it’s time to sit and decompress. I made some great great connections and received tons of information that will help me personally and professionally. Quite a few of my ah-ha moments came while I was visiting the Amazon Suite and I’ll be sharing them over the next few weeks.

I had the opportunity to learn more about how Amazon can help me be awesome in my day-to-day routine. #AmazonKidsandFamily #productivity #mom2summit

I had the opportunity during Mom 2.0 to connect with the Amazon Team and learn more about how they are providing products and services for families. Many of us are familiar with Amazon Prime and the many benefits that it offers. I promise that you’re most likely under-utilizing your Amazon Prime membership. Every time I speak with someone at Amazon I uncover a new benefit that I wasn’t aware of.

This year I was most interested in learning more about Amazon Handmadecreated by Amazon to empower Artisans with the tools to showcase their handcrafted products.

Let's chat about how #AmazonHandmade benefits Artisans and the community of consumers that supports them. #amazon

A big part of what I do is empowering women to show up with their products and services. Often times they are unsure of the different ways to promote and market themselves. They may also feel lost in the sea of all the people already doing something similar. Amazon gets that and their dedication to the Handmade community shows.

Amazon Handmade is setting the bar high for their products which is a win-win for creators and consumers. #amazonhandmade

With so many options available already, what makes Amazon Handmade different?

This was one of the pressing questions I had. Handmade has been around since 2015 and its team has put in some serious work. There is an application process in place to ensure that products are truly quality, handmade products that Amazon can stand behind.

The Amazon Handmade vision says it all: We empower Artisans with the tools necessary to showcase their products to Customers around the world. Together we are growing craft communities and successful businesses.

As a business owner, you want to align yourself with others who can help take your business to the next level.

That is how Handmade can help Artisans. For example, the Amazon Team at Mom 2.0 took care in selecting products to showcase that would appeal to the demographics at the conference and showcased local Artisans on their platform.

Handmade is also free to join and set-up. A fee is charged when you make a sale. You’re also able to leverage programs Amazon has in place to promote your shop and products.


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As a consumer, we want to support and be connected to Artisans that provide quality products.

Thanks to the Amazon connection, we are able to do just that on a platform we trust and that will provide a superior level of buyer protection. Many of the products qualify for 2-day shipping, but be mindful that you are supporting a handmade Artisan. If you’re requesting customizations, the fulfillment time will most likely be longer.

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