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50 Fall Bucket List Activities and Ideas

Are you looking for ideas for your family’s fall bucket list? As the summer heat winds down we can feel the excitement for fall starting to build. Comfort foods, cozy sweaters, football and pumpkin spice are usually the headliners but it certainly doesn’t end there.  Making time to get outside and enjoy time with loved ones is the key to a perfect fall.

An extensive list of family friend activities to add to your family bucket list this fall. #bucketlist #familyfriendly

50 Plus Fall Bucket List Activities

Each season my children and I make it a goal to create a bucket list of activities to complete. Fall is hands down our favorite one to make – the weather is cooler, so many fun festivals and foods to try and it gives us great balance as we adjust to returning back to school.

1 – Pick the best pumpkin in the patch

Visit your local pumpkin patch (or store) to pick out the perfect one for you.

Free Printable: Pumpkin Patch I-Spy

2 – Make cider donuts

Pumpkin spice has become the official flavor of fall but cider donuts are a classic.

3 – Pumpkin carving contest

See who has the best carving skills in your crew.

4 – Dunk your own caramel apples

Cut your apples into slices before dunking to make them easier to eat.

5 – Warm up  around a bonfire

The cool fall air makes bonfires even more enjoyable. Of course they only get better with smores.

6 – Host a tailgate party

Make all kind of snack and huddle around the tv watching your favorite team. Even if you don’t care about the game tailgate foods make it worth it.

How many items will you cross of your fall bucket list

You’ll receive a physical card via snail mail that you can post on your family’s bulletin board or refrigerator and check off your activities as you complete them.

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7 – Simmer a batch of chili

Smelling it cook all day is half the fun.

8 – Pick apples

Find a local orchard and pick a couple varieties.

9 – Toast leftover pumpkin seeds

Add some salt of chili powder to make them extra delicious.  

10 – Go on a hike

Make the most of the crisp air and beautiful leaves.

11 – Purchase new candles

Sweet smells and soft flickering lights are soothing as the weather gets colder.  

12 – Find a sunflower field

If you find one, make the most of it and take some cute photos.

13 – Watch a scary movie

Pick one that’s the appropriate amount of “scary” after all the point is to enjoy it.

14 – Consume as many pumpkin spiced things as you can find

Pumpkin spiced everything is the fall goal right?

Our Corn Maze Experience Start
Visit a corn maze


15 – Get lost in a corn maze

The best mazes will get you truly twisted up.

16 – Experience a hayride

Hayrides are a fall staple no matter what age you are the smile wont leave your face.

17 – Brave a haunted house

Bonus if you can combine the hayride and haunted house, for a haunted hayride.  

18 – Plan ahead for great Halloween costumes

The key to a great costume is not waiting until the last minute. Give yourself enough time to make it or find it in the stores before it’s picked over.

19 – Take a weekend getaway

Camping is always a great fall option.

20 – Buy cozy pajamas for the whole family

Thick, warm socks are also a good option.

21 – Learn and tell a ghost story

Make you delivery as believable as possible.

22 – Make fondue

An easy to make meal the feels unique and special.  

23 – Enter a quirky 5K

A quick google search will turn up options from charity runs to zombie 5ks.

24 – Read a book under a pile of thick blankets

Snuggle up with a new book or an old favorite.

25 – Buy a pet halloween costume

Invite your furry family member into the holiday spirit with you.  

26 – Have a flannel themed photoshoot

There are few things more fall than a good flannel. Get your family together for some adorable photos.  

thankful art

27 – Write a list of things you are grateful for

Take the time to reflect on all the good things.

28 – Do a craft with leaves

Collect the falling leaves and turn them into decorations for your home.  

29 – Attend a Halloween Party

Wear the costumes you’ve been working on. Don’t forget to take photos to document the occasion.

30 – Make a winter reading list

The icy weather will probably leave you with a little extra time on your hands to get through your reading list.

31 – Bake an apple dessert

The options are endless, my guess is you’ll end up making more than one. Here’s a gluten-free apple crisp recipe we’re adding to our must try list.

32 – Paint a pumpkin

Not into the mess associated with carving a pumpkin? Try painting one, use various textures to jazz it up.

33 – Cheer on the local football team

Buy some stadium snacks and root on the home team.

34 – Participate in trick or treat

If you’re not walking with kids make time to handout candy.

35 – Compete at game night

A little friendly competition is good for everyone.

36 – Pick out the most unique gourds

The funky shapes and colors make gourds the perfect addition to a fall centerpiece.

37 – Decorate leaf cookies

Brightly colored frosting on top of warm cookies, what more could you ask for in an afternoon.

How many items will you cross of your fall bucket list?

38 – Top your own pizza party

Host a pizza party where each guest gets to pick their toppings before the pie goes in the oven.

39 – Take a fall foliage drive

Take the windy backroads and appreciate the changing scenery.

40 – Arrange a bouquet of fall flowers

Take advantage of everything that in bloom in the fall and fill your house with flowers before winter rolls in.  

41 – Collect leaves and acorns

DIY a center piece to show off all the things you collect on your fall walks.

42 – Make ghost crafts

Make spooky ghost crafts and fly them around the house.  

43 – DIY Birdfeeders

Watch the birds stop by all autumn for a snack.  

44 – Jump in a pile of leaves

Rake a neighbors yard too and you’ll have twice the pile, a win for both of you.

45 – Learn about Dia De los Muertos

Take time to learn about the holiday celebrated in Mexico at the end on October.

46 – DIY placemats for Thanksgiving

Customize the place mats for each person you’ll be sharing your Thanksgiving meal with.  

47 – Make a salt dough leaf print

Make a small keepsake to remember how much fun this fall was.

Fall bucket list Eat soup in a bread bowl

48 – Eat soup in a bread bowl

Put any soup in a bread bowl and it suddenly become the peak of comfort food.

49 – Drink homemade hot cocoa

It is really simple to make in a crockpot. Also, marshmallows are easier to make than you’re probably thinking.  

50 – Watch a Halloween parade

Gather as much candy and admire some fantastic costumes.

51 – Enjoy homemade applesauce

Another fall recipe that is super simple in a crockpot.

52 – Build a scarecrow

Find some old clothes and make a scarecrow to keep watch over your garden or front porch.

53 – Attend an Apple festival

Fall festivals are great because you can usually do a handful of these activities all in one afternoon. Most of then also have an arts and crafts show to browse through.

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Friday 23rd of October 2020


50 Fall Bucket List Activities and Ideas • Divas With A Purpose

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