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10 Steps to Practicing Gratitude

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! Every Thursday we focus on gratitude on our website and social media sites.

How many of us live our lives being grateful for the many blessings we have? How many times a day do we say ‘thank you’?

What would your day look like if you lived your life as if everything was a gift to you? How would you start the day if the first thing you did was to be thankful for the gift of life?

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Thankful Thursday: Gratitude Reflections

What a week it has been! The biggest excitement was the almost two inches of snow we received here in Columbia, South Carolina!

At the top of my gratitude list for the week is that my family is safe, warm and well-prepared for this weather.  The madness in Atlanta, Georgia breaks my heart! Friends and family in Atlanta share post after post after post reporting that they and/or loved ones were safe. 

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Thankful Thursday: Gratitude List

Welcome to Divas With A Purpose’s Thankful Thursday! Have you made your gratitude list for the week?

My regular readers know that this is one of my favorite posts of the week to write. On Thursdays I dedicate the blog and our Facebook page to all things gratitude.

For the month of November, we will be sharing our weekly gratitude lists.

This week I’m thankful for:

  • quiet time
  • my oldest son “cooking”

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Books About Gratitude For Kids

Reading with my kids is one of my favorite activities. I love that they share my passion for the written word and being able to snuggle up with them and share a good book is priceless. Today I’m sharing 3 books about gratitude for kids. It is no secret around here that I believe it is important to instill the practice of gratitude and giving back in our children at an early age.

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