So You Wanna Blog

So You Wanna Blog

Thank you for tuning into my PeriGirls TV Series, So You Wanna Blog! My intent with this series is to provide simple tools and resources for you to start or rejuvenate your blog so it can be informative, engaging and profitable. Each week we cover a different topic and have a simple assignment for you to complete. The replays are available below. Feel free to watch and engage with me via Twitter using the hashtag #SoYouWannaBlog and my Twitter handle @DivaMDGarrett

Week 1: Blogging Basics

A blog provides you with visibility, credibility, promotion and ownership of your content.

Week 1’s assignment is to decide on a name for your blog, the platform you will use and your blog focus (niche).

Week 2: Rocking Out Your Blog Content

As a serious blogger you will need content – consistent content for consistent traffic and engagement.

Week 2’s assignment is to decide on the frequency of your posts and to list out 10-15 article ideas. Your content calendar should include your blog title and quick description of what the article will be about.

Resource: Simple Content Calendar

Week 3: Getting More Eyes on Your Blog Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting seen online organically (naturally) by providing quality content for your audience.

Week 3’s assignment is to go back and assign key words to the list you created in Week 2.

Week 4: It’s Time to Write

Week 4’s assignment is to go back and decide which type of article you will create for each topic on your content calendar.

Week 5: I wrote a blog … now what?!?


Week 5’s assignment is to create 2 templates to assist with sharing your content: a Pinterest / Blog post sized-one and one for Twitter. If you use Canva, there are templates already set up.

Week 6: Continuing the Momentum: Blogging Consistently


Week 6’s assignment is to remember to create, publish and publicize your content consistently.