Need more control? Write a novel. Guest Post by Pamela T Starr

Need More Control

Need more control?  Write a novel.

When I was newly married, I couldn’t understand why my husband wouldn’t do the things I wanted.  When I was a new mother, I couldn’t understand why my baby cried for no apparent reason.  As a woman, I couldn’t understand why my hair looked great when I was staying home and got frizzy when I need to look good.

Need more control? Write a novel suggests author @PamelaStarrFL  #TruthsNotSpoken #GuestPost

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So I wrote a novel.

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Truths Not Spoken by Pamela T Starr

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Truths Not Spoken by Pamela T. Starr to read and review through iRead Book Tours.

I’ll be honest. The way my life is set up – it’s been a long time since I sat and read something that was not business or personal development related. Truths Not Spoken by Pamela T. Starr was a welcome change and gave me the opportunity to lose myself in the lives of fictional characters.

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Keeping Up To Date In The Business World

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to know exactly what the curve is. With the fast pace of most industries, it can be quite a task to keep up. Whether you’re a manager, a member of staff, or the owner, it’s important to be up to date with changes within your industry. Here are a few ways to keep up, without having to dedicate every waking minute to it.

Create your support group

These people might be your competitors,

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Mama Says, “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees!” by Iris Mack

Mama Says Money Doesnt Grow on Trees

Dr. Iris Mack’s financial literacy book “Mama Says Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees!” is focused on teaching students that math can be fun and key to understanding money and interest.

Book Details:

Book Title: Mama says, ”Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees!”
Author: Iris Marie Mack, PhD, EMBA
Category: Middle-Grade Non-fiction, 48 pages
Genre: Financial and Math Literacy
Publisher: CreateSpace
Release date: January 14, 2011
Tour dates: April 17 –

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Interview with Jae Ellard: Author of Success With Stress

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Success With Stress by Jae Ellard to review and share my thoughts with my community here on my website and social media outlets.

For years now, stress seems to be a constant in my life. There are times when it overwhelms me; times when it propels me and times when it’s just there – hovering.

When the opportunity read and review Success With Stress came up,

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Is It Time for A New-To-You Vehicle? #sponsored

Is It Time for A New-To-You Vehicle?

Disclosure: This article is written in partnership with Bluff Road Auto Sales.

In my family and circle of friends it’s not a secret that when it comes to vehicles, I hold on to them way longer than I should. (Remember my current vehicle was one I drove in high school … GASP!)

Is it Time to Buy Another Vehicle?

If you’re like me, you may have an aversion to car loans.

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4 Ways An Accountability Partner Helps You

4 Ways An Accountability Partner Can Help You

Accountability Partner – someone that is available online or in person who you can share your goals with can help you monitor your success and ultimately achieve your goals.

Once a month I meet with a group of dynamic women here in Columbia, South Carolina to do just that. We share our successes, areas for improvement, brainstorm with one another and offer genuine love and support on our respective journeys.

#NowReading: 4 Ways An Accountability Partner Helps You

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Why Have an Accountability Partner?

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