5 Home Office Essentials

home office essentials

Disclaimer: This article on home office essentials contains information on a product I received for free in exchange for sharing my thoughts and opinions about it with my community.

When setting up your work from home office, whether full or part-time, there are a few home office essentials you should have. If we are connected on Instagram, you may have seen that I am in the process of reorganizing and setting up a new space in my home.

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The Importance of A Strong Support System

The Importance of A Support System

I realized early on in my entrepreneurial journey that having a strong support system was essential. Honestly, I believe it is critical to my success and overall well-being and growth.

Your support can come from many different areas at the same time – family, friends, professional groups, face-to-face, and, even, virtually.

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How to develop a strong support system

So here’s the thing,

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Girl On A Mission: Problem Solving In Sticky Situations

Problem Solving In Sticky Situations

We’re not saying every situation you get yourself in needs Jack Bauer stamina or Lara Croft prowess. But there are some sticky situations you may find yourself in, that you’ll be glad to know how to get out of. Be smart and learn problem solving tips for hazardous circumstances that may arise.

Pan Fire

So here’s the thing, cooking usually isn’t a dangerous affair. But … I’ve discussed my love-hate relationship with my kitchen and I’ve had some moments.

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6 Amazing Things You Can Only Find In Cuba

6 Amazing Things You Can Only Find In Cuba

In the far away land of Cuba, life goes by rumba rhythms, cigar smoke from local cafes, and antique American cars, perfectly driving around Havana’s streets. For those who are getting ready to see the island full of revolutionary spirit and good old times, today the Travel Ticker team will recommend a few things you must see and do in this unique Caribbean pearl!

Diving in crystal clear waters

Around the Caribbean,

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Small Victories Sunday Link-Up – Aug 14th

Small Victories Sunday Linkup

Summer is almost at an end and we are heading into back to school season, fall and cooler weather. Are you ready? Welcome to another weekend of partying at Small Victories Sunday Linkup which starts today and runs all week long. We are ready to celebrate your great ideas to make our lives happier, healthier and more fun! Our bloggers offer their best posts to inspire you to read, eat, live, create and blog well!

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Colleague Collaboration: Encouraging Togetherness in the Office

Want to Be an Accountant? Here's What Employers Want from You

Creating an office where employees feel able to collaborate with each other on projects can improve creativity and productivity. When employees are able to work together, coming up with and realizing ideas, they can make great things happen. One of the great things that result from increased collaboration in the office is that people begin to share their knowledge and skills. They can pass on what they know and can do to others,


5 Simple Things You Can Do To Sleep Better Tonight

5 Simple Ways You Can Sleep Better Tonight

Disclosure: This article on simple things you can do to sleep better tonight includes information on a product I received compensation to review. As always, all opinions are mine.

When it comes to being healthy and happy the amount and quality of sleep we get counts for a lot. When you don’t sleep enough you become tired, cranky, moody and just plain UGH! This, of course, leads to a decline in our overall productivity.

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