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Divas With A Purpose is a source of inspiration and motivation. It’s about women being driven, inspiring, victorious and having a plan of action to become the best them they have been called to be.  With collaboration and support, we are building one another up and empowering one another as women, mothers, sisters, and friends.

Divas With A Purpose: Embrace The Divatude

Michelle Garrett – Owner of Divas With A Purpose

 Wife, mommy, sister, friend, diva – all these words and more describe the person I am and am constantly growing into and striving to be. Divas With A Purpose began as an outlet and has grown to become so much more. It’s become a place to network and connect with other women as we go through this journey of life. As women, mothers, sisters, friends, divas embracing our similarities and differences – we all should be…

 Driven, Inspiring, Victorious and called to Action in our families and communities.


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