6 Easy Relaxation Tips

Easy Relaxation Tips for Busy Divas

It’s the first weekend of a new year and this diva is worn out! My kiddos are prepping for back to school and we have done tons of running around during the holidays.

It seems like there is no rest of the weary. And, the weary person is usually us, divas. We often take care of or coordinate all things home and family, but are we making sure we are taking care of us? If you are a busy mom, learn to value yourself as a person and schedule personal time.

6 Easy Relaxation Tips

Personal time is necessary for us all. Each of us has the capacity to nurture others but that type of care takes its toll on us – mentally, physically and emotionally.

A car is filled with gas to make it run. Eventually the gas runs out and your car won’t move unless the car is replenished with fuel. The same goes for you. Emotional issues can develop when you don’t take the time to take care of your emotional well-being, not to mention the physical results of emotional neglect.

Mom time refuels the tank so that you can give to your family as well as yourself in equal measure. Don’t be ashamed to sit for fifteen minutes doing nothing. In the springtime, relaxing in a hammock under a tree is the perfect getaway from the pressures of the day. Reading a book for 30 minutes can also seem like heaven to many moms.

6 Easy Relaxation Tips

Here are a few tips to help you fit in much needed “mom” time:

1. Get up early if you have to. When you have kids, the day begins at a hurried pace. Once you hit the ground running, there is no stopping you. Waking 30 minutes to an hour ahead of time means quiet solitude to drink your coffee, read a book, meditate or listen to music.

Relaxation Tips: Turn ordinary experiences into major events

2. Turn ordinary experiences into major events. When you take a bath, add candles, bubble bath, quiet music and/or an inflatable bath pillow. Your regular bath has now become a spa level experience. If you watch a movie, turn out the lights, pop a bag of microwave popcorn and curl up on the couch.

3. Ask your significant other for help. Kids love their mothers but time spent with dad is important too. Let them bond with dad while you go shopping for a new outfit or root around in the garden. Since the time is yours, do whatever you like.

4. Use the Boy Scout motto. Always be prepared and you can spend more time in a relaxed mode. Fix lunches the night before. Iron clothes for the next day and place backpacks by the front door so kids can grab them on their way out. The fewer things you have to do throughout the day, the calmer you will be with your family and not experience burnout.

5. Take exercise breaks. When you get a few minutes the last thing you want to do is exercise but getting a little physical activity in your day has far-reaching implications. Exercise helps you to think clearly and stretches the muscles. Also, stress will drain away as powerful endorphins are released into your system. Do jumping jacks during a television commercial or jog to the bus stop to pick up the kids.

Relaxation Tips: Laugh at regular intervals

6. Laugh at regular intervals. Keep a funny calendar cube on your desk or subscribe to a daily joke site. Laughing releases stress and can lift your spirits significantly. It also keeps the abs tight.

Divas, please make sure you take care of you. Your family would miss you if you were not around to love and care for them. You owe it to yourself and you deserve a break from the daily hustle and bustle.

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  • I like these tips! Especially the one about exercise and laughing. I am most productive early in the morning after getting my son off to school.

  • Great post Michelle. Everything begins again for us tomorrow. I wonder if I can turn my 5:45 am to 5:00. I am going to set my NEW alarm time. Wish me luck. I don’t know what’s going to make me sit down and relax in a bath. I’ve never been able to do it. I get restless even if I’m reading a good book.

  • Awesome tips! I can’t wait to get my kid back to school these last few weeks with both son and bf home was LONG hahaha Need some me time!

  • I’d love to recommend this to my mom, who has been stressed out since Haiyan. She deserves the RandR!

  • Great tips not just for moms, but for most females in general! I like to wake up early to enjoy some quiet time without the hubs 😛

  • Theres Just One Mommy

    A wonderful reminder! That was my resolution last year… Made it half way through the year before I started to forget to schedule that time for myself.

    • LOL…it is so easy to do! Halfway through the year is pretty good…baby steps 🙂

  • Lindsay

    Relaxation is something everyone needs. I will be working on it for this year!

  • These are great reminders. I think I ran out of gas yesterday! I am one who needs a certain amount of alone time, and time near the water to think and meditate. When I don’t get it, I suffer inside and out.

    • Hopefully, you get that time soon! I can relate to the calm and soothing nature of the water.

  • These are awesome tips – relaxation is usually over looked and these are actually helpful!

    • I’m glad you found them helpful!

  • gossipmoms

    Im so much loving the diva tips,, you know us divas have to have some alone time

    • Yes, we do 🙂

      • gossipmoms


  • I never plan me time. I am going to start doing this during 2014.

    • Yay! Glad to provide some inspiration!

  • These are great tips! I don’t have kids, but as a College student, these tips still apply!

    • I can imagine! While I shaped them towards moms, they can definitely be implemented by anyone. Best of luck this semester!

  • Thank you so much for the reminders and encouagement! The only “me” time I really ever get is at night while I am sleeping, sometimes that don’t even help. Oh, but my baths are so important and the kids know that. It’s my time to relax in a hot tub of water and close my eyes for a while.

    • Exactly! Thanks for chiming in, Kristin!

  • Own time is so important for mental health. If mom doesn’t take care of herself, she won’t be able to take care of the family. Thank you for the awesome tips.

  • prettyopinionated

    I need to learn to schedule more relaxing time. Working from home means I’m always at work, so I never stop! I do take time out to laugh, though. I head to the humor section on Pinterest. That’s always good for a laugh!

    • Yay for Pinterest! Definitely an easy stress reliever 🙂

  • Aisha Kristine Chong

    These are awesome tips – relaxation is usually being neglected and these are actually helpful!

    • I’m glad you found them useful!

  • Great tips for us Divas. We are always so busy saving the world. We need some girl time

    • Exactly! Thanks for chiming in!

  • Aubrey (@highheeledlove)

    Mom or not, I seriously compromised on the me time last year. Taking more me time is a resolution this year. There’s no reason not to schedule an hour a week to take a bath or paint my nails or go for a walk.

    • Way to go, Aubrey! Hopefully we get to meet up this year with fellow SC bloggers and get some much-needed down time 🙂

  • Thank you for the positive lift ups like a girl to girl talk. I miss that. Hugs!

    • You’re so welcome!!! My girl-to-girl talks with my Divas are my absolute favs so sharing that feeling here on the blog is great!

  • I do get up early. My mother always did that when I was growing up and I never understood it until I had my own kids.

    • On the weekends it works for me and I so enjoy those moments quiet and solitude before someone comes searching me out.

  • I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed now that the holidays are over. I have so much to do and so little time. School starts back up for me and I’m recovering from surgery. I need to remember it doesn’t all have to be done in one day.

    • Definitely take things moment by moment! Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest – especially since you’re recovering from surgery. Best of luck to you and you will be in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy and full recovery.

  • I have no children but have found that even as a single person I need to take time out for me–this is all very good advice.

    • Very true – and a great habit to establish with or without children.

  • Great tips thanks!! I definitely need to take some ME time this year.

  • These relaxations tips are awesome. That is definitely something that I need to focus more on doing in 2014, relaxing and staying more stress free.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    Exercise releases my stress and sometimes cure my migraine. Great tips!

    • I’ve heard that regular exercise can help with migraines. Thanks for sharing!

  • With four children and three of them 5 and under, it’s sure hard to find time to myself. For the most part of my day I find that bath time is actually my relaxation time.

  • Erin @ The Speckled Palate

    While I’m not a mother, I find that I have issues with relaxation as I’m always going, going, going. (The small business owner in me refuses to quit most evenings, ha.) These are great reminders and tips and something I definitely want to focus on in this new year!

  • therealitybuffet

    I love the idea of making an event out of the simple things. I have turned my bath into a spa experience and that moment was everything I needed and more. I struggle with refueling myself. It’s a 1 man show in here until friday and I can rarely “turn down” from all the hustle and bustle

  • I could really use these great tips! I will put these tips to use as soon as possible.

  • These are great relaxation tips! I’m not a mother (yet) but I am extra busy. I will definitely be bookmarking this.

  • taking your suggestions to heart!
    bookmarking this

  • Great suggestions! All these tips are auper easy and very important to do! Thank you for sharing them with us 🙂

  • So, I’m not a mom YET but I really love these suggestions and I think that I could easily implement them in my life to make sure that I’m taking care of ME. Especially things like being prepared or being up early- I think these are great tips to make weekday mornings MUCH more smooth and even enjoyable! I also really like the idea of taking the little things like a bubble bath or watching a movie and making them an EXPERIENCE and something to enjoy! This post really provided a great perspective for me!

  • These are such great reminders. It is SO important to have some “you” time away from normal craziness. Great blog post! 🙂