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How to Add a Little Extra Exercise to Your Day

I’m striving to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I have noticed that one of my biggest “excuses” is not having time with the crazy schedule of my family to fit in exercising. For me, and perhaps many of you, exercise often feels like a chore but I realize it is something I need to do to keep fit and healthy.  Movement on a regular basis can make a huge difference in the long term.


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30 More Ways To Increase Productivity

Last week we shared 30 ways to increase productivity among our teams and with ourselves. The simple strategies that we shared were fairly easy to implement.

Believe it or not, there are myths and mistaken beliefs that could be preventing you from being more productive in both your personal and work life. Your beliefs about productivity and organization can often prevent you from doing exactly what you want to do and to be in life.

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How to Say “No” without Burning Bridges

While a short word, it’s the hardest for some people to learn to say. “No” is a very powerful word and it can be a difficult thing to tell people, especially if you’re worried about burning bridges. Many of us fall into the category of people pleasers. The truth is, saying no rarely will burn bridges if you know how to do it.

Evaluate the Circumstances

Listen carefully to the other person before blurting out “no”.

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30 Simple Strategies To Increase Productivity

Increasing productivity or even being productive takes planning and time. We often want to find an extra hour or two a day to do certain tasks, but if you put into effect systems and get organized in your daily life you can get a lot more done each day. Parents can easily fit in more fun time with their kids when they organize their day and their home and learn to say “no” more often.

Tips For Successful Time Management

Time management is a constant struggle for our household and with school starting in a few days I know it’s time to get back on track (again!) and out of our laid back summer schedule. I know, I know – we really should have started our back-to-school schedule a week or so ago to make the transition easier – my snooze button and I are really working on it and had a serious conversation this evening about the need to do better.

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How To Find An Online Networking Community

Social media is a part of our day-to-day existence. It is beneficial for your business to find your place in an online networking community for numerous reasons.  As a businesswoman, it’s very important to have a great support network. You need fellow businesswomen to share experiences and tips with. You need women who are in fields related to yours to ask questions. The sense of community provided by a group of businesswomen can help see you through the tough times.

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Getting Rid of Excess

This is Part 5 of our 5 Part Series on Simple Living – Is It Right For Me?

Catch up with the series and our other topics:

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Part 5: Getting Rid of Excess

Today’s topic has been a personal struggle of mine in the past –

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