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3 Ways to Keep Cool

Summer is a time of year that we all look forward to. It would be a safe assumption that it’s part of what sustains us through the long, cold months of winter. We picture ice creams, relaxing with the sun on our back, days out at the beach. What? I know it’s not just me.

In this excited daydream, we tend to forget one of the realities. Especially as someone who lives in the Deep South.

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Snaccidents Be Gone!

Disclosure: This article is a sponsored conversation on preventing snack accidents on behalf of Fiber One and in partnership with Acorn Influence. I have received compensation for sharing with my community. All words, experiences and opinions are mine.

Ok, Moms. I need some input here. Usually during the summer, I find myself losing a few pounds because the heat and my eating habits do not mix at all.

This summer,

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Simple and Delicious Chocolate Pound Cake

Disclosure: This post was originally written in partnership with Blog Life University Conference. I attended the conference in exchange for sharing about it with my community before, during and after. You can read more about the conference here.

My youngest son is a chocolate fanatic. I recently made a pound cake and while he tried it, I could tell he wasn’t absolutely enthused about it. Of course, Momma had to find a compromise.

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Dealing With The Consequences Of Flooding

Last fall, no one in my home state of South Carolina imagined we would have to deal with the consequences of flooding on such a large and devastating scale. Here in Columbia, SC we were receiving as much as 17 inches of rain in 17 hours and the rain never let up. It rained for days on end. I felt hopeless reading social media updates and receiving texts from friends less than 5 miles away from me that were having to evacuate their homes.

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Falling Back In Love With Your Home

You bought or rented the house you live in today for a reason. What was it? Maybe it was the right price for your budget. Maybe it was in an area with lots of great schools? Perhaps it had a feature that you’d always wanted, like a pool or a balcony!

Whatever it was, there will have been at least one other thing. Because you liked it, of course!

20 Expert Tips to Makeover Your Family Room

I don’t know about you, but we spend so much time in our family room with our friends and family. Most of day-to-day activities center around this room. Recently, we did some moving around of furniture and I love how much it has opened up the room. Most of my family and friends are used to me moving things around on a regular basis. I believe it’s important that you give your family room a makeover from time to time.

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The Biggest Home DIY Blunders You Can Make

There are so many things that can potentially go wrong when you are carrying out a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. Doing it yourself is inherently risky when you’re not a professional. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid carrying out DIY jobs. There are many great reasons to do DIY. It’s often cheaper than hiring professionals, and you always take more pride in the outcome when you’ve done the work. But there are some key mistakes that are often made when people take on a DIY project.

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