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How To Set Goals: A Simple Strategy to Success

How To Set Goals:
A Simple Strategy to Success

Do you know how to set goals? Do you regularly list your goals? Do you have a goal setting planner? Or a a plan of action for success? 

I am excited once again to have a conversation with you about the importance of goal planning. I hope you have had a chance to check out the #Divas2Divas blog post I shared with you on January 14.

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3 Tips To Achieve Your Goals

Hard to believe that January is over! The first month of 2015 is coming to an end. When I reflect on the month, I am amazed at how much has been jammed into this month. My focus word for 2015 is being INTENTIONAL and for January many of my activities centered around compiling my SMART goals and establishing a routine and accountability for them.

I hosted a vision board party for a group of awesome Divas here in Columbia,

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11 Tips To Accomplish Your Goals #Divas2Divas

There are already millions of words written about the setting and achieving of your goal, which are practiced by millions of people as well. But still, most of the goals created are not fulfilled. Why is that?

Numerous reasons. Lack of motivation, accountability and inspiration are some of them. Some people make goals that are too grandiose and become overwhelmed and abandon them. Others are to vague and do not have the specifics of what they want to accomplish honed in and end up doing too much.

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My #OneWord 2015 – Intentional

Each year I choose one word to help guide my goals and action steps for the year. I first came across the idea for choosing a word for the year after reading Debbie Macomber’s Thursday’s at Eight where the characters meet weekly to help support and motivate one another during difficult transitions within their lives. Rather than resolutions for the year, they each choose one word to focus on, strengthen and embrace. I loved the idea and this will be the fifth year I’ve chosen a word rather than list out resolutions.

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Review of The #Tools4Wisdom Planner

I have looked for years for the “perfect” planner. Between family and professional obligations, I need a planner that allows me to track it all – appointments, birthdays and anniversaries, blog responsibilities, direct sales appointments, and my oh-so-busy social life (tad bit of sarcasm, there!).  Also, a few years ago I introduced The Divatude Challenge – a year-long focus on S.M.A.R.T. goals that includes weekly, monthly and quarterly accountability.

Steps To Self-Confidence

I am one awesome Diva…and so are you!

To some that might come across as very self-centered sounding.

I’m okay with that.

There was a time in my life that I could barely look at myself in the mirror, let alone recognize and celebrate the greatness I had within me.

So I’m okay with knowing and believing that I am one great driven, inspiring, victorious and called to action Diva –

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Motivation For Accomplishing Goals

I am re-energized after accomplishing a goal I set for myself.

The achievement motivates me. I have found that the key is setting realistic goals that are you capable of achieving but that will still challenge you. Successfully attaining those goals will leave you confident in your abilities and ready to achieve more.

Accomplishing a goal will rejuvenate your self-confidence. There are times when we may doubt our abilities.

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