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5 Ways to Raise a Self-Confident Child

This past  school year I noticed my 3rd grader was struggling with believing in his capabilities to embrace and achieve new things. The simplest “no” or unsuccessful attempt would result in him being sullen and holding back tears.

As his mom, of course I want him to be self-confident and willing to embrace the new and different. I honestly believe that self-confidence is a key component of success in life. It’s, also, something I have struggled with throughout my life and want better for my children.

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Preparing For Summer Road Trips

Disclosure: This article on how we are preparing for our summer road trips is written in partnership with Bluff Road Auto Sales.

Summer is quickly approaching and my children and I are counting down the days. We have declared that this summer we are getting out of the house and exploring our state. During Spring Break we had the opportunity to be tourists in my home town of Charleston, South Carolina and we’re ready to expand our horizons.

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Here’s Why Libraries Are Crucial For Kids

Every year there’s a fresh news story about how libraries are being closed down or losing their funding. This is a crying shame because libraries still provide a vital source for society and in particular, children.

Here’s why libraries are so crucial for kids of the world today:

It’s A Free Resource

Knowledge should be free and the most important source of information today, the internet, isn’t.

Experiences Every College Girl Should Have

You’ve no doubt heard it being said before; your college years are the best years of your life. It is something your mom has no doubt tried to drill into you. And she’s right, you know. College is like nothing else you will have ever done, and like nothing else, you will do again. It is that place that shapes your future, yes, but it also a place that shapes you.

It helps you expand as a person,

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5 Little Pleasures Of Adulthood That Make Your Inner Child Proud

For most children who dream of being a grown up – to eat all the sweets they want – the dream is a revelation of their perception of success. Indeed, for children, being successful means that you can do what you want and you don’t have to follow anybody else’s instructions. While this dream of success is a little simplistic, children have pinpointed pleasure as a key factor of success. In truth,

Divorce And Kids: Mistakes To Avoid

Awhile back I connected with a fellow Divapreneur who is a life coach for individuals going through divorce. I shared that at first I was a little taken back by her role, but after talking with her I understood more why she did what she did. Divorce is one of those life events that, typically, just is not planned for. When you are faced with it, the emotions and process can be tremendously overwhelming. Two friends close to me are going through this process and seeing the impact not just on them,

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But You’re My Super Hero, Mom

“But You’re My Super Hero, Mom”

These were the words my 4-year-old that almost brought me to tears and melted my heart.

We were having a discussion about super powers while watching cartoons and coloring. She asked me what my super power was and I said, “Mommy doesn’t have any super powers. I’m just regular.”

The look of incredulity that she gave me almost made me laugh but those next 6 words stuck with me for the rest of the evening.

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