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6 Killer Tactics For Growing Your Blog’s Reach & Boosting Traffic

You spend hours researching and writing a post and are immensely proud of what you’ve come up with. The piece is interesting and informative, and yet, wonderfully witty. You pick the perfect images for it and position them carefully. You hit publish and expect to see comments, shares, and likes, but instead, nothing happens. It would appear as if no one has even seen your post, let alone taken the time to read it.

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Thinking Of Starting a Blog? Be Self-Hosted From the Start

If you are thinking of starting a blog, then welcome! The blogging community is a wonderful online space to share and be creative. We all have a voice and are all entitled to use it and share things that are relevant to us. It can be a fantastic hobby to have or to even make it into a career. However, some decisions that you make from the start will determine if you would be even able to make money from your blog and turn it into a career.

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How To Make The Most Of Collaborations

I love working with other people. A big part of Divas With A Purpose is connecting and collaborating with fellow women to help one another in our mutual businesses. It has always been a passion of mine and I am ecstatic when I see other women working together successfully.

Most recently I collaborated with 9 other business women to put together an eBook entitled After Why Comes How: Actionable Steps to Reach Your Next Level.

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Type A Mastermind Bootcamp Recap #TypeAVegas

I recently returned from Type A’s Mastermind Bootcamp hosted in Las Vegas this past weekend. I was able to mix business with some much needed Diva Time with my two contributors to Divas With A Purpose, Sherika Washington of Worthy Words Writing Services and E’toshia McFarland of Faces by ETOSH. If you’re on Instagram, you can get a glimpse of our time in Vegas here

A Year In Review: Divas With A Purpose 2015 Top 5s

Happy New Year Divas! Before we jump into all the awesomeness we have in store for 2016, we wanted to reflect on 2015 and provide a year in review of our top five articles, search terms, traffic sources and commenters.

We are thankful for everyone that supports Divas With A Purpose through our website and social media outlets – you all help make this community what it is.

I am so excited about the great things in store for 2016!

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The Importance of A Media Kit: A Review of HIP Media Kits

Hi DIVAs! Today I’m sharing the importance of a media kit and want to thank HIP Media Kits for the opportunity to use their service in exchange for sharing with you my thoughts. I am, also, an affiliate of HIP Media Kits which means I will receive a portion of your purchase price if you choose to use my links to work with them.

A media kit is an essential and important tool to have when it comes to promoting your brand to others.

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Pose ‘N Post Symposium hosted by Chrisette Michele

Divas With A Purpose was on assignment this weekend at the Pose’ n Post Symposium, hosted by the one and only, Chrisette Michele! It was an opportunity offered to only a handful of bloggers and media personnel and we were chosen. E’toshia McFarland of Faces by Etosh and myself, Sherika V. Washington of Worthy Words Writing Services were on hand to represent Divas With A Purpose.