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7 Reasons You Need To Improve Business Writing Skills

Writing skills may bring back a lot of memories of English classes that you took long ago, however the truth is that being able to write well can help you progress further than you’d expect in business and your daily life. There’s no end to the benefits that come from being able to produce high quality and original pieces of text. While many people may be unsure just how writing can help them, the following reasons show just how vital writing can be to your success:


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7 Tips for Working Effectively from Home

Is working effectively from home a struggle for you? Many thanks to Molly Millson, contributor to Smooth Decorator, for this article on 7 tips to do just that.

In the past, to describe your current job as “I am working from home” used to carry some stigma around it, as if you were lying about your unemployment, laziness and failure. Today, having a home office has become commonplace, if not a must.

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Need more control? Write a novel. Guest Post by Pamela T Starr

Need more control?  Write a novel.

When I was newly married, I couldn’t understand why my husband wouldn’t do the things I wanted.  When I was a new mother, I couldn’t understand why my baby cried for no apparent reason.  As a woman, I couldn’t understand why my hair looked great when I was staying home and got frizzy when I need to look good.

Need more control? Write a novel suggests author @PamelaStarrFL  #TruthsNotSpoken #GuestPost

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So I wrote a novel.

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Financial Comeback: Recovering After Setbacks

Life has its fair share of triumphs and setbacks, both of which can impact your savings. When a setback has a bigger financial implication, it’s good to know how you’re going to recover. After all, you want to have some protection in place in case another crisis should happen before you’re fully recovered. There are many types of setbacks, so there are different ways to go about recovering your lost funds. Remember, don’t dwell on your misfortune and stay focused on recovery.

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Are You Prepared For These Financial Situations?

We all have times when our accounts drop to zero, and we have to figure out how to get by. In cases like this, it’s useful to know how to deal with the situation. But rather than just listing off the solutions, it’s worth thinking about them in terms of real problems. So, on this post, we’re going to look at a few real-life scenarios where you’ll have to get by without your fixed income and figure out how to handle it.

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If Caring Is Your Thing, There’s A Job For That

One of the most unfortunate traits that we tend to teach nowadays is ruthlessness. It’s usually a necessity to make it in business, to a degree. But some people just don’t have it in them. Instead, they’re overflowing with the milk of human kindness. But there are plenty of places that could use a drop or three of that. If you want a job where you can be the caring person you know you are,

Is Your Commute Working For You?

Working from home can be wonderful, but it’s also not viable for the majority of us while we’re progressing up the career ladder. That means we are faced with the dreaded reality of the working world: our commute.

The average commute time is around the 25 minute mark, though it varies state-by-state. Is that reasonable? If you’re used to a five-minute walk to the office, you might read that stat and think it’s a terrible length of time –

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