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How To Find Your Online Voice And Rocket To The Top!

I’m excited to welcome Holly Chessman, author of AMPLIFY: How to Grow Your Reputation and the Kickass Career You Love!(affiliate link), to the site today. She’s sharing with us ways to find your online voice and rocket to the top!

I remember when I started to find my voice online. I started writing articles about things that I had learned at work, through my job, in my personal life, and as a person who wanted to help others. I shared questions, lessons learned, and tips and tricks about marketing, writing, customer service, and more. I learned quickly that I could easily go beyond the impersonal facts that my resume offered and allow people to see multiple facets of me as a person.

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I could talk about my support for women in tech and inclusion programs. I could provide a look into my personality, embracing my love of all things nerd girl. I grew my voice online, defining myself as an expert and then showing my expertise through articles that I wrote.

I reached out to an audience that would believe in and support me. I offered social media posts that showed my knowledge and understanding of my field. I did not let fear of making mistakes or self-doubt hold me back.

How to Find Your Online Voice and Rocket to the Top!

Online Growth With Incredible Results

Amazingly, my career reflected my growing online reputation. People started coming to ME to hear what I had to say. My influence grew rapidly, because the reach of the Internet is so vast. My online growth was quickly reflected in offline growth.

Here are just a few of the things that happened as a result of me developing my online voice and personality:

  • I became an executive team member at the company where I worked and later started my own business.
  • Forbes reached out to me to become part of their Communications 
Council and write for them.
  • I became a regularly featured guest in podcasts, Twitter chats, 
publications, and more.
  • I was invited to keynote at conferences and speak to companies about 
how women in tech can grow their careers online and off.
  • I began mentoring others, helping bring others up as my own career 

Building A Fantastic Career And Life

Finding my voice online and off has brought me immense success and happiness. I can now live out the life I love, helping more women grow their reputations and careers and publishing a book on the same subject.

Can I control everything that happens to me? Of course not. However, the things I can influence I do, consciously working to bring my goals to life. I continue to learn and grow and steer my career, turning it onto the paths I want it to take. I treat myself well 
and have become my own greatest advocate, while at the same time, building a network of people who I support and who support me.

I want to see the same life-changing results for you. That’s why I can’t wait to see how you choose to implement the lessons in my book, AMPLIFY: How To Grow Your Reputation And The Kickass Career You Love!

I know you will be successful! Now it’s time you know it too!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.