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Watch Your Words

A conversation with a friend brought back the words I wrote in a post entitled Dreamkillers a couple of years ago:

I remember years ago, someone very close to me said some very harsh words that stayed with me for years. Many times when I would go to do something new, their words would come back and I would freeze in fear believing I was unable to succeed. I blame no one but myself for what I have or have not accomplished in my life. The supportive words of those close to me though have had the ability to push me to the next level; while the lack of support sometimes “helped” me to decide not to accomplish a task or give my all.

I truly believe in the power of words and the effect they have on us – especially the words spoken to children by adults.
Think about it. Can you remember a time when an adult you loved and/or respected spoke to you harshly? Even though it may have happened decades ago, the feelings those words evoked may still be with you.
We have the ability to crush someone’s spirit and dreams by speaking negatively to them.  Adversely, we have the ability to lift someone to another level and motivate them to do bigger and better things.
Let’s make a conscious decision to speak positively into the lives of the people we come in contact with.  You never know what impact you will have.

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men watches

Tuesday 21st of August 2012

lovely blog you have! :)

Michelle Garrett

Thursday 9th of August 2012

You're very welcome!!!

Rachel Wright

Wednesday 8th of August 2012

wonderfully stated thank you for saying.

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