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Spring Cleaning – The Frugal Way

Financial Literacy Month 2014: Budgeting Divas - Your Finances From A to ZToday’s topic for Financial Literacy Month 2014: Your Finances from A to Z is Spring Cleaning – the frugal way.

For the month of April, we will be bringing you daily posts centered on our personal finances – saving, making and managing our money.
Have you ever noticed all of the new cleaning products that hit the market in the spring? Savvy marketers know that homemakers are looking for faster, easier and better ways to get their spring cleaning done, so they barrage us with their latest innovations. And these great new products invariably come at a premium price.

But people have been doing spring cleaning for time untold, and they’ve done a fine job without these new products so far. Realistically, we only need a few bare essentials to get our homes spic and span. Here are some tips for effective yet inexpensive spring cleaning.

Use vinegar to clean windows and disinfect surfaces. You can mix it half and half with water, and it will still be strong enough to kill germs. The scent is unpleasant, but it will go away when the vinegar evaporates. If you can’t stand it in the meantime, add a few drops of nicely scented essential oil to mask the smell.

Scrub with baking soda. Baking soda is lightly abrasive, yet it’s non-toxic and gentle enough that it won’t scratch most surfaces. It’s also a powerful deodorizer.

To clean drains, pour a cup of baking soda down them, followed by a cup of vinegar. This will produce a powerful reaction that will bubble clogs away. Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes, then rinse it on down with hot water.

Clean linoleum or tile floors with a mixture of vinegar and water with two drops of tea tree oil added. Tea tree oil is a powerful disinfectant that will leave your floor free of germs.

Avoid buying rags. Go through your clothes and find a few items that are stained or have holes, and cut them up to use for cleaning.

Spring Cleaning - The Frugal Way

Use newspaper to clean your windows and mirrors. It’s a good use for all of those old papers that you don’t need, and it won’t leave lint on glass. It’s also less likely to streak than paper towels.

Instead of using expensive air fresheners, open up all of the windows in your home for a while. You’ll be surprised at how much better your home smells afterward. If it still needs a little help, simmer some citrus peels on the stove top to give your home a nice, natural scent.

Many spring cleaners go to the store and buy bags full of various cleaning products in the name of getting their homes spotless. But that’s absolutely unnecessary. You can find most of the things you need to effectively clean house right in your home. Try some of these safe and inexpensive cleaning supplies and see for yourself!

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Kalley C

Thursday 8th of May 2014

Great tips! As for the vinegar tip, I actually love the smell (reminds me washing my clothes -- i use it as fabric softener too).

Yvonne I. Wilson

Tuesday 22nd of April 2014

A very economical way of getting the job done. Great tips.

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