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SMART Goal Accountability

The Divatude Challenge, an annual SMART Goal Accountability challenge, began in 2012 as a virtual challenge with 5 women. Each were looking to impact different areas of their life and wanted guidance and accountability. Their goals impacted their family-life, finances, careers, education and health and wellness. They were provided with a journal to help formulate their S.M.A.R.T. Goals, one-on-one conversations and group conference calls to share their growth, discuss their obstacles and help formulate plans for their overall success.

The community and bond formed from that virtual challenge has grown into a virtual and face-to-face sessions. Each month I meet with women in various stages of their lives to discuss the specific goals they have established, the action steps they have taken to meet those goals and discuss ways to continue to grow and thrive into their purpose.

The Mini Journal is now available for $10 and is a great resource to keep with you to help keep you accountable and focused on your specific goals. There’s space to write out your annual goals and break them down into smaller, measurable action steps on a monthly basis.  You can, also, order the Mini Journal and receive 90 days of support with formulating your SMART goals and being held accountable with your action items for only $1 a day! One-on-one SMART Goal Accountability is, also, available quarterly, bi-annually and annually. There are, also, spaces still available for our monthly Mastermind Accountability group that starts in January.

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FREE Goal Planning Printable

You can download a free copy of our S.M.A.R.T. Goals Planning Worksheets instantly by clicking here.
These worksheets will help you list your goals and give you a foundation for success.

Free Smart Goal Resources

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