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Side Hustle Success 30 Day Challenge

Do you have a side hustle or want to start one?

So many women I have connected with are finding success learning how to make money doing something they love to do. There are so many reasons to start a side project, but what if you’re looking to make a little more than side income from your side hustle? They can easily help you increase your income with a little extra effort on your part. Over the next 30 days you will learn everything you need to know to take yours to the next level.

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Side Hustle to Success 30 Day Challenge to make profits from your passion. Daily action steps to take to focus on creating profits from your side hustle ideas. #sidehustle

Quick Note: This article contains affiliate and referral links.

Day 1

If you don’t already have a hustle in mind, research a few options today and find one that works for you. Think about what you love to do, hobbies you have, and previous jobs you have held. 

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Day 2

When will you work on your side hustle? Look at your current schedule and decide how long you want to spend each day working on it.

Day 3

Make time in your schedule each day to work. Carve out a specific period of time, not just how much time you’ll spend, and add it to your calendar or set a timer as a reminder.

Day 4

Find ways to maximize your time and money. Is there a way you can multitask to earn more? Can you balance multiple side hustles at once?

Day 5

Depending on your side hustle, there may be more options than you are aware! Do a little research today and see if there are possibilities you may be missing to expand. For example, using multiple rebate apps for one receipt.

I typically use each of these when shopping: Fetch Rewards (Referral Code: J7PD2); Ibotta; Shopkick; and Checkout 51.

Day 6

Today is all about expanding your clientele! Ask your friends for referrals and even offer an incentive if you can.

Day 7

Good reviews are what make a side hustle a raging success! Ask past clients for a good review, if your hustle depends on positive reviews.

Side Hustle Success Challenge Week 2

Day 8

What are you passionate about? Is there a way to earn an income from it?

Day 9

Now that you’ve got a good handle on your current side hustle, it’s time to expand! Look for another side hustle that can be done from home and still help you increase your income. Think about things such as taking surveys, watching short videos, etc. This can be used to help cover some expenses associated with your other hustles.

Side Hustle to Success Challenge

Day 10

Make a plan! Where do you want your0 hustle to be in five years? One year? Or even next week?

Day 11

Now that you’ve developed a plan, set some goals for your side hustle. How much money do you want to earn by X?

Day 12

Create action steps to do this week to help you meet those goals you set yesterday.

Day 13

Do a time evaluation of how you are spending your time today. Is there anything sucking your time?

Day 14

With your time evaluation in hand, look and see if there are any other areas you can cut to make more time for your side hustle.

Side Hustle Success Challenge Week 3

Day 15

Get up 15 minutes earlier today and spend that extra time working on your side hustle.

Day 16

It’s time to do an evaluation of how far you’ve come in building that side hustle. Are you on track to meet your goals? Do you need to make adjustments.

Day 17

While dinner is cooking (or being delivered), put in a little extra time toward your side hustle today.

Day 18

Take some time for yourself today. If you work too hard, you could get burnt out. Put your side hustle away for a while and relax.


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Day 19

Are you getting enough sleep? Side hustles usually creep into our bedtime hours whether we mean for them to or not. Do a sleep evaluation and make sure you are getting enough sleep at night.

Day 20

Treat yourself today! It can be something small, but use some of your side hustle money to do something for yourself.

Day 21

Today is about finding an accountability partner. Find someone you can share your successes and even ask questions with.

Side Hustle Success Challenge Week 4

Day 22

Ask yourself why you are starting a side hustle to begin with? It might seem like a ton of work now, and you need a reason to keep going once this challenge has ended.

Day 23

Instead of watching an hour of TV today, use that hour to put in a little extra time for your side hustle today.

Making Money Out Of Your Talents

Day 24

Spend an additional 30 minutes on your side hustle today, this can be time on your lunch break or time you make but find those extra 30 minutes.

Day 25

Make your morning or morning commute more productive. Look for ways to get more done during this time period so you have more time later in the day to work.

Resource: Purposely Productive eBook for only $2.99

Day 26

Set aside 90 minutes today to work.

Day 27

Is there the potential to make your side hustle into a full-time business? What is keeping you from getting there?

Day 28

Start treating your side hustle like a business, this could mean investing in something to make it run smoother, or even taking the next step and working more hours.

Almost done …

Day 29

Set aside 180 minutes today to work. (PS – They do not have to be consecutive. Break it up, if needed)

Day 30

YAY! You’ve reached the end of the challenge! By now you should have a solid one or even two potential and successful hustles under your belt! Re-evaluate if all of them are money making machines, or if you should drop a few of them to focus on others.

Celebrate Your Success!


By the end of this challenge, I hope you now have an action plan to take with you and transform your next passion project into a raging success!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.