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The Running Gear Every Woman Needs

When the goal is getting back into shape, preparing for a workout can be just as important as the workout itself. For women who want to take up running, they’ll need to make sure they have the right running gear to make the most of their workouts. Here are some essential running gear choices a woman shouldn’t do without.

Lululemon Run: Stuff Your Bra
This is a truly creative undergarment that provides women with support as well as some extra storage space for their belongings. This comfortable, moisture-wicking sports bra has three pockets in the front, making it easy to stash money, a phone, an iPod or keys. Forget awkward running belts — this is the way to go. The company founder is something of a visionary when it comes to creating comfortable and functional workout attire. Check out Chip Wilson’s video on his revolutionary approach to the business of fitness to understand his strategy when it comes to exercise apparel.

Oakley Cool Down Top
Heading out on a run can be much harder for a woman who can only think about how sweaty and smelly she’s going to be when she’s done. Shirts like this help to stave off that unpleasant post-run feeling, thanks to mesh inserts that keep sweat at bay and an anti-microbial finish that helps hide unpleasant odors.

Asics ARD Split Shorts
The seamless liner on these running shorts protects the wearer from chafing, and the mesh back is incredibly comfortable. Lightweight shorts like this make running more enjoyable.

#GuestPost Essential Running Gear: The Running Gear Every Woman Needs

FITS Sock Co. Ultra Light Runner Socks
It’s very common to get sweat-induced blisters when running, especially in the first few weeks of starting a new running routine. These light, snug-fitting cotton socks help prevent that with their sweat-wicking wool blend.

High-Quality Running Shoes
No specific brands are mentioned here because every woman’s foot is a little bit different. Salespeople at sporting goods stores are specially trained to help their customers find the right shoe. High-quality shoes can cost a decent amount of money, but they are well worth it. Running in generic shoes can cause all sorts of foot problems and discomfort. The choice to run is easier with shoes that are comfortable to wear and provide proper support.

Bose Sport Headphones
These headphones provide excellent sound quality and a good grip on the ear. No matter how long, how fast or how unevenly a woman may run, these headphones will stay in her ears, playing whatever motivational music she’s chosen to pump herself up.

With the right gear on and a playlist of energetic tunes queued up, any woman can conquer her running goals. Whether she’s running to lose weight or training for a charity marathon, she’ll do just fine with these trusty pieces of gear.

This is a guest post by Kate Hazel.  Kate is a yoga and fitness enthusiast.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.