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Pose ‘N Post Symposium hosted by Chrisette Michele

Divas With A Purpose was on assignment this weekend at the Pose’ n Post Symposium, hosted by the one and only, Chrisette Michele! It was an opportunity offered to only a handful of bloggers and media personnel and we were chosen. E’toshia McFarland of Faces by Etosh and myself, Sherika V. Washington of Worthy Words Writing Services were on hand to represent Divas With A Purpose.

Pose N Post Symposium hosted by Chrisette Michele | Columbia, SC

The Pose ’n Post Symposium featured three successful bloggers along with Chrisette Michele in an intimate setting sharing tips and information to help build local social media platforms. The afternoon began with a search for the location: The SOCO Building in downtown Columbia, SC. The building was tucked away behind a more popular business but upon entry the scene was set. We were greeted with a fun, life-sized photo of Chrisette Michele that we of course took pictures with. We stepped off the elevator into an atmosphere filled with anticipation. We were given strict instructions before entering the room and upon entry there she was, engaged in casual conversation. As we waited for our turn to interview Chrisette Michele one on one we had the opportunity to meet several other social media personalities such as The Queens English PR owner, Shakeema Guess Bouyer, both Miss Naturally Crowned Carolina 2014 and 2015, and Jessica Thompson of Peek A Boo Pretty Girl.

Sherika V Washington At Pose N Post Symposium

Etoshia McFarland at Pose N Post Symposium

The time had come and it was our turn to interview Chrisette Michele. With E’toshia behind the camera and myself in the chair we talked to Chrisette about how she deals with negativity in the world of social media. Her response was simply, “delete block delete.” She expressed how there is so much more positivity to embrace than to waste energy on the negative. She also shared her vision behind the Pose ‘n Post Symposium. She simply wants to create a network of women who can call on each other and receive support and positive energy as they pursue their business dreams and goals.

Sherika V Washington Interviewing Chrisette Michele

That positive energy was evident when we walked into the building and the charge grew as the day progressed. The line of attendees was growing downstairs and the very efficient staff was preparing for them upstairs. There were swag bags, sweets and libations. As the room filled to capacity the view was beautiful. Just observing the interactions between the women you could see light bulbs going off, connections being made and people really relaxing and taking in their surroundings.

Pose N Post Symposium Attendees

Chrisette Michele Pose N Post Symposium Columbia

The Symposium panel featured The Mane Choice, Lover4Fashion and Ambrosia Marlbrough, led by Chrisette Michele. There was invaluable information shared that will benefit everyone who attended but we can’t talk about Chrisette Michele without mentioning her opening. She came out in a pair of jeans and began to sing the most beautiful songs. A true testament to her humbleness and genuine heart, she shared the stage. She introduced us to a 19 year-old student from Berkeley University who accompanied her on guitar. Simone (@Simonesbluejayy) played melodiously as Chrisette sang three selections.

Pose N Post Symposium Panel

Chrisette Michele Singing At Pose 'n Post Columbia

Finally, it was time to get the information and after a short spiel from each of the panelists and a fun icebreaker, the floor was opened to questions and comments. It was ideal for every blogger, you tuber and newbie like me to get inspired and activate that Called to Action divatude. The evening ended with a follow up to the first icebreaker and individual usies with the entire panel. Chrisette Michele and her entire team were truly #DivaDefined and Divas With A Purpose was honored to be a part of the experience.

Photo Credits: E’toshia McFarland

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Wednesday 29th of April 2015

This is freakin awesome!

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