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Nope, Not Again

That friend called me again. Many of you may have one just like her (or him). There’s always something! No matter how good things are going, no matter how positive the outlook – there’s an urgent problem that will put their entire world in chaos and they try to suck you into the madness.


For those that have been around DWP for awhile, you’ll know how I feel about these people.  There comes a time when you just have to let go and move on.  Send positive thoughts and prayers up in their behalf – but don’t engage in the pity party with them.

For whatever reason, they are in a season of their lives where they enjoy being down.  As silly as it sounds – there truly are some people out there that thrive on the negativity in their lives.  No matter how many silver linings there may be – they are content with focusing on the rain clouds and thunderstorm.


Until they get a shift in their mentality and attitude, they’re not going to change.  In fact, they may even succeed in changing you and your positive outlook.

So, yes, I did answer the phone and I did engage in conversation for about 4.3 minutes before I felt the shift. After offering 2-3 positive solutions that were all shot down without any real rationale as to why they wouldn’t work, I put an end to the foolishness and expressed that it seemed as though they wanted to be down and I would let them stay there on their own.  I gave an open invitation to call back whenever they were ready to think positively and take action to control situations that could turnaround.

I HOPE I GET A CALL BACK….ONE DAY…in the meantime, I’m continuing to focus on the positive aspects of life and changing those things I have control over.

Some may feel I was too harsh…however, after dealing with the exact same scenario for years (yes, multiple years!) there comes a time when you have to just say enough is enough.

So, nope, not again….time to move upward, onward and forward. Perhaps one day soon that friend of mine will decide to do the same.

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Terre Neesham

Sunday 2nd of September 2012

I would not have the nerve to say it though! I just try to politely end the call as fast as I can. I know several folks...oh wait they are all women...that focus on the negative and the drama and I don't understand it. I have tried to point out positives but it never works. It is like they have blinders on. Stopping over as a new follower from the Bloggy Moms September hop. Saving Your Green


Wednesday 29th of August 2012

Nope, I don't think you were hard on your friend. That kind of attitude, you have to nip in the butt before they start bringing you down too. You want to help, but they are just not open to anything positive.The worse thing they could do is take down your positive vibe.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.