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How to Make Valentine’s Day Fun

Whether you’re single, married, dating, or have small kids in the house, it can be a bit of a challenge to make Valentine’s Day fun. While the holiday is marketed as a day for couples, it doesn’t have to be exclusively for people in intimate relationships. But if you are in a relationship, you still might need some ideas for making things enjoyable.

Here are some ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day fun and enjoyable for all!

How To Make Valentine's Fun

Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Fun for Singles

Yes, Valentine’s Day can make you very much aware that you are single. But don’t let the marketing pitch get you down! Instead, consider trying some of these suggestions:

  • Don’t give in to the pressure to “find someone” just because “everyone else” seems to be having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. First of all, none of those relationships are perfect, no matter how they seem; and second of all, it’s never a good idea to rush into a relationship just to “keep up with the Joneses.”
  • Treat yourself, and make it a tradition each year. Regardless of what you do for yourself – getting a manicure, eating out, reading a good book, doing something creative, etc. – the point is to make it a Valentine’s tradition so you have something to look forward to. Choose a treat that you can do without during the rest of the year, and then get ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your own special activity.
  • Take yourself out for dinner to a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to, but never have.
  • Instead of feeling down that you’re not on the receiving end of a significant other’s Valentine affections, why not give instead? Think outside the box – what other single women are out there who might be lonely? A senior citizen in the nursing home? someone in your own family? a friend? Remember that you’re not the only one who doesn’t have a significant other, and there are plenty of people outside your demographic who could use a pick-me-up on Valentine’s Day. Bake cupcakes, send a card, make a cake, take someone out to dinner, buy someone flowers or candy…

Way to Make Valentine’s Day Fun If You’re in a Relationship

Your significant other may have ideas about Valentine’s Day that are not the same as yours. She may think it’s just marketing hype and doesn’t want to give in to the materialism; or he may feel all kinds of pressure to make Valentine’s Day perfect in order to impress his partner. Try to meet in the middle – find out what the other person really thinks about Valentine’s Day, and compromise. Here are some ideas.

  • Be a romantic “stalker” – leave notes where your partner will find them; follow him/her on errands or to the office, and leave notes under the car windshield or, if you’re really on the ball, leave notes on his/her desk or in an area of the store where he/she is sure to go. Invest in a dry-erase marker and you can decorate mirrors and windows, too.
  • Have a listening date, where your goal is simply to hear what the other person’s dreams and goals are.
  • Make a gift instead of buying one. Homemade gifts can be very endearing, whether they are something edible or a simple card or keepsake.

How To Make Valentine's Day Fun For All

How To Make Valentine’s Day Fun If You Have Kids

Children like Valentine’s Day, too. Here are some ways to make it fun for the family.

  • If your family is religious, read the story of St. Valentine and talk about the meaning of the holiday. Let his story inspire your celebrations.
  • Valentine’s Day crafts are always a great way to celebrate with kids, from homemade cards to homemade sweet treats. Check online for some creative craft ideas.
  • Small children may like Valentine’s Day games, like searching for hidden paper or candy hearts (like an Easter egg hunt).

These are just a few ideas to help you get started making this Valentine’s Day the most fun yet!

What are your favorite ways to make Valentine’s Day fun?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.