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M.A.S.H. to Reality Check

Remember the game M.A.S.H.? This was a great past time among my circle of friends in elementary school. Plan out your whole life in less than 5 minutes – house, husband, kids, car and career – Lovely! Some days I wish life were that easy … but let’s face it, Divas – there was a point where we all had a MASH Reality Check!

I’ve had my share of struggles (most have) and tears shed.  I’ve, also, had my share of joy and laughter.  Imagine if I’d stuck to my “M.A.S.H.” mentality and stuck with the plan I thought I had for my life? There would have been so much I would have missed out on.

I look at my sweet baby girl who started walking a couple of weeks ago … she DEFINITELY was not in my M.A.S.H. outline for life.  Let’s be real – none of these kiddos or my husband were!

But they complete me and my world. While it may not have been the path that I thought I wanted, it was the path that was best for me and has allowed me to flourish in ways that I never imagined.

Reality Checks Keep Our Lives in Balance

I love this quote I came across recently: “Although at times, we would rather do anything than face the (often unpleasant) facts of reality, without doing so, we cannot be truly happy.” A reality check keeps life in balance and means you’re choosing to truly live, embrace changes and create your own path.

So no – I don’t have my mansion with 439.234 kids and my husband Craig and I don’t own a bus that I drive to my veterinarian clinic – but let’s be honest – I suck at driving big vehicles 🙂

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Kenya G. Johnson

Tuesday 9th of April 2013

Awww. I do remember that game. All I remember is that I wanted five kids. As you know I have just one. At the moment my son seems like he has had more to say in the passed two hours then in the last week. I can't imagine five telling me everything all at once. LOL! On the serious, I love your message. Though this day as it is was not part of what my "plan" was even at age 20, I'm happy with the life God has blessed me with. TALU


Monday 10th of September 2012

I totally forgot about that past time game, to I read your post. Ty for that reminder, brought a smile to my face. Just imagine if it was true, we would truly be in trouble and be like wdh was we think. God Bless :)


Monday 10th of September 2012

that is so awsome , i too played mash as a younger one, it lied it said i was going to marry brat pitt and look like jeniffer lopez(just joking but close) i married a phil and i have a beautiful b and and easy e as kids. mash would have made me live life differently i like the way reality made it, thanks for the most eye catching post i have seen yet in my email. too cool. good luck with the craig thing (not) my daughter plays mash now, i guess i have to tell her a secret or two

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