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The Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela

A friend posted on Facebook yesterday afternoon that a contact in the BBC Newsroom was alerted that something was going on in South Africa in regards to Nelson Mandela.  Mr. Mandela has been out of the private eyes for years and at the age of 95, it was inevitable but it still made an impact.


I first became aware of who Nelson Mandela was in 1990 when he was released from prison.  It was a historic moment worldwide and I remember my parents being glued to the television. Taking in all the news stories, updates, interviews about this man who was a world away, it seemed. I remember four years later, the feelings of triumph when he was elected South Africa’s first black president in the country’s first multiracial elections. Again, glued to the television coverage. This was before the Internet was popular but I am glad because I was able to watch and take in the coverage of the celebrations, the joy, the triumph of all those featured. All these years later, I can vividly remember sitting with my father and taking it all in.

Nelson Mandela: "I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison."

I love this quote that Mr. Mandela made after being released.  It spoke volumes about his character and his beliefs. It’s one that many can apply not only to physical prisons, but to the mental and emotional prisons that have been built within their lives.

May he rest in peace. May the legacy of his life continue to impact generations to come.


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Bridget Jones

Friday 6th of December 2013

I remember as well watching coverage as a young child on tv with my mom. I found it so amazing how the country celebrated his courage and tenacity. I look forward to teaching my children about his sacrifices and what his accomplishments were.

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