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How To Have A Productive Year

Hard to believe that we’re almost at the close of another year. It’s fourth quarter and while many are working on ending the year with a bang, I am, also, beginning to focus on how to have a productive year in 2016, too.

This has definitely been a year of significant changes for me. In June 2015, I became a full-time divapreneur. It has been a fantastic experience and I have a wonderful group of supportive family, friends and associates.

I would definitely attribute my planning and outlining specific goals as part of my success.

Create S.M.A.R.T. Goals

A few years ago, I began The Divatude Challenge. It is an annual focus on SMART goals. The online challenge grew into a small mastermind here in Columbia, South Carolina and one-on-one accountability coaching. Utilizing my SMART Goals Journal, I have been able to plan out specific goals for my personal and professional life throughout the year. Also, having a group of trusted accountability partners makes a difference.

You can always download your free copy of the Divas With A Purpose S.M.A.R.T. Goals Planning Worksheets instantly by clicking here. These worksheets will help you list your goals and give you a foundation for success.

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Plan Out Your Year

Once you have your goals in place to lay the foundation, the next step is to actually plan out your year. Having a great calendar (or a few great calendars) that works for you is essential. I will be honest, for me, a basic calendar with large blocks for the months is what I use for this first step. You can often purchase this for as low as $1 in many stores, especially this time of the year. This is what I keep in my purse to refer to before making commitments to others and to ensure I am not overextending myself.

I, also, have a larger planner to keep track of my day-to-day schedules for my personal and professional life and monthly and weekly focuses. This larger planner is my go-to for keeping me balanced. I schedule in time for myself on a regular basis to ensure that I giving myself time to rest and recuperate. I, also, make sure I have “no-go” days that are dedicated to family and close friends. I make a commitment not to schedule anything that overlaps on those days. I spend time at the beginning of each quarter, month and week reviewing my goals, action items and commitments.

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What I Use: The 2016 Unstoppable Action Planner

Accountability Is A Must

Having a trusted accountability partner or group makes a big difference in your success. Once a month, I meet with a group of dynamic ladies here in Columbia, South Carolina to discuss our specific goals, action items, areas of success and struggles. Collectively there have been thousands of dollars in debt paid off, new careers started, a home purchased, savings kick-started, businesses rejuvenated and so much more. Knowing that once a month we will be accountable makes a difference.  This group has, also, committed to being available for one another throughout the month for support and encouragement.

No matter what tools and resources you have. No matter how fantastic you are with creating your S.M.A.R.T. goals. No matter how organized you are, in order to have a productive year you must be wholeheartedly committed to your success.

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Friday 22nd of September 2017

I am looking forward to next year! I have to be ready for next year! No more procrastinating!

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