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Helping the Hungry this Holiday Season

Test Your Hunger IQ
Often when emergency situations and disasters strike and we’re inclined to help or donate, one of the first items that often comes to mind seems to be food.  Hunger is a real issue in the world.  In areas that are already devastated with poverty, a natural disaster can be a death sentence for its residence.  To me, that’s a scary thought.  I often look at how much my family wastes and am reminded of those warnings every mom seemed to give their child who refused to eat peas.  You know – “the starving kids in Africa” speech.  As an adult, I realize that wasn’t her just talking to talk, but that there are truly children and adults that would love to have a portion of the food we toss aside or take for granted from time-to-time.

The World Food Programme is the food arm of the United Nations system. Its focus is on eradicating hunger and poverty.  What seems like a little to us when compared to our regular monthly food budget, can go a long way with The World Food Programme and their initiatives to help feed families across the world:

• $35 provides nutritious food for 2 weeks
• $75 provides food for 1 month
• $150 provides food for the next 2 months

Hunger is actually the worst weapon of mass destruction. It claims millions of victims each year.”

~  Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva,
President of Brazil

This holiday season, donations made can provide life-saving food for families facing the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in Haiti, refugees fleeing conflict in Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and mothers struggling to feed their kids due to drought in Somalia.

Don’t have it to give at this time? Don’t fret! There are ways to spread the word about their initiatives and still help to feed those impacted by hunger and poverty.


Play Freerice and feed the hungry

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Wednesday 2nd of January 2013

It's the opportunity to help our fellow men. Let's start now!

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