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Focusing on Small Steps

One Word 2013: A Year of Focus
Courtesy of Melanie @ Only A Breath


This week I have to admit was one of those weeks that seriously tested my focus and dedication to making a true change. I shouldn’t be surprised, really. That’s typically what seems to happen when you make a conscious decision to walk a different path.

What I learned this week is that I need to have my goals front and center in my mind and environment. I used to be an avid planner user and at some point got too attached to my smartphone’s calendar. I’m making a point to change that. There’s something to say for taking the time to write down what needs to be done – appointments, goals, tasks, etc.

I’m, also, taking the time to begin my 2013 goals journal. I will have my specific goals for the year written and use it as a place to jot down notes, ideas, and successes along the way. While I blog on a semi-regularly basis, I have gotten away from writing just because. Sharing my goals, fears, and accomplishments in a private space for me to fully release.

  Have a fantastic weekend, Divas 🙂
What small steps are you taking to reach your 2013 goals?

Create With Joy’s Friendship Friday
Question Of The Week

This Week’s Theme
One Small Step
The New Year is in full swing!
Over the past few weeks we have identified our
One Word and a few Resolutions that will help us to
Keep our goals and priorities in the forefront of our minds.
Now its time to focus on putting these plans into action.
Change occurs when you take small steps towards your goals
Consistently time and time again.
This week, I invite you to share some of the
Small steps you are taking that will help you
Accomplish your goals!
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~Foster friendships with other bloggers
~Share you and your blog’s uniqueness
~Grow your blog and social media networks

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Michelle Garrett

Friday 18th of January 2013

I was using my phone, too, but as you said it seemed like I was so attached to it and there's just something refreshing and invigorating about writing a list and crossing items off of it. Looking forward to great things in 2013!

Michelle Garrett

Friday 18th of January 2013

Extremely important to take care of yourself while caring for others! Sending tons of hugs and prayers your way!

Michelle Garrett

Friday 18th of January 2013

Creating an Inspiration Board is definitely something that I'd like to do! What a great idea! Going to check out your 2013 Altered Planner in more detail. I recall seeing the post and have it bookmarked in my reader. Thanks for all the motivation and inspiration!

Kalley C

Tuesday 15th of January 2013

I am soooo attached to my cell phone calendars, and reminders. I love using a regular to-do list, but I just seem to always have my phone in my hand. I should try on changing this. I also love the small steps that you are taking. I'll be with you on your journey.

Chasing Joy

Sunday 13th of January 2013

My goals are to find ways to not be stressed, during this time when my mom is sick. I have to make a conscious effort.

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