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Focus on The Positive

Welcome to Day 7 of The Embracing Your Divatude 31 Day Challenge and we are going to focus on the positive!

Today’s challenge may be difficult for some – I want you to focus on the positive all day long. Reading this post late in the evening? No worries – start now for the next 24 hours.

If you are new to the challenge, you can catch up here.

Briefly, the month of May is dedicated to focusing on our Divatude – being driven, inspiring, victorious and called to action in our personal and professional lives. As women, different aspects of divatude impact our daily walk at all times. Our focus with this challenge is taking the time to reflect on our daily attitudes and actions and ensuring we are focusing on what will lift us and others around us up.

31 Days of Embracing Your Divatude

Most successful people are those who always try to look at things from the positive point of view. They are unlikely to get stressed. They can always find solutions to their problems.

And those who do not focus on the positive are stressed easily and find it hard to solve problems.

Which group would you like to be in?

I’d choose the first one, for sure. And I am pretty sure you would, too.

Simple Ways to Focus on the Positive

Here are some simple ways to focus on the positive:

Throw away all your negative thoughts

That’s right. Do not waste your time thinking about negative stuff. If it suddenly crosses your mind, direct your thoughts to something else. This is not easy at first, but the more you practice it the more it becomes a habit and way of life.

Focus more on your achievements than your failure

Everyone has to experience successes and failures. Yet, don’t focus or dwell too much on your failures. You can learn from them but don’t let them get you down or discourage you from moving forward. When you compare your overall successes to your failures, usually the successes will win out.  Remember those strengths we listed yesterday – keep those at the forefront of your mind!

Simple ways to focus on the positive #EmbraceTheDivatude

Get a personal mantra

It can be ‘I’m a great writer’ or ‘I am very good in web designing’ or ‘I am a happy person.’ State your mantra throughout the day – from first thing in the morning to right before you go to sleep.

Grab energy from successful and positive people around you. Learn from and grow with them.

Focus On The Positive | Divas With A Purpose

Stop being judgmental to yourself and others

Today’s challenge is to spend the next twenty four hours focused on the positive. Are you willing to give it a try? I hope so!


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Samantha Dube

Wednesday 14th of May 2014

I am a great sister, friend, girlfriend, aunt, daughter

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