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Five Simple Makeup Tips

Confession time, Divas… when it comes to makeup, I am absolutely clueless. For me simple makeup tips typically means recommending a good moisturizer (ie – Vaseline and baby oil) and stocking up on your favorite lip gloss when it is on sale.

Sigh…I know, I know!

Five simple makeup tips

Reason for Makeup

I remember as a teen, I could not wait until I turned 16 and could begin wearing makeup. Once I got there, it was a major let down. I remember thinking, “Why was this so important to me again?” That brings me to the question, why do we wear makeup in the first place? For most women, it is to enhance their already divalicious features. Makeup can accentuate great features and minimize those we don’t want to draw attention towards.

This past weekend, I was treated to a makeover by 2013 Divatude Challenge participant, E’toshia of FacesByEtosh.  This diva was a wealth of knowledge and quite patient with me and fellow divas who were not regular make-up wearers.

One takeaway from our session was that if you are not applying your makeup properly, you could be creating more problems than you solve. Remember, the clown face is only for the circus and Halloween. Spare yourself the agony and strange looks by getting it right before you walk out the door. Look your best at every turn.  For some of us, that may mean practicing with what works for skin tones, personal preferences and allotting time a little additional time when getting prepared for our day.

Five Simple Makeup Tips

1. Drawing on your face – Drawing your eyebrows in is a no-no. That single thin line along the brow bone actually gives you more of an alien “I come in peace” look. For thin eyebrows, use brow powder to give the illusion of fullness. Another trick is to use a brow pencil in short feathery strokes amongst your natural brows and then brow powder on top.

2. Dark lip liner on light lips – This is a totally 80s look and is no longer in fashion – anywhere. Black lip liner with red lipstick or red liner with nude lipstick is not happening. Always try to match your lip liner to the color of your lipstick for a flawless look that shapes the lip without bleeding and feathering.

3. Cat eyes – We’ve all seen it. The eyeliner that extends so far outside the corner of the eye that you look like you stepped out of an Egyptian hieroglyph. It is not necessary to create a dramatic eye. Instead, use a liner pencil and frame the upper and lower lashes with both lines meeting no more than a quarter of an inch past the eye’s corner.

4. Clumpy mascara – It makes it look like you got made up in a hurry. Lashes make eyes “pop” when they are each smoothly coated to the end with a mascara brush. They lengthen and separate. What is not so cute are intermittent clumps along the lashes that can be easily seen. There was probably too much mascara on the brush before you started. Combing lashes after application can remove such clumps.

5. Cherry cheeks – It is not necessary to make the apples of your cheeks noticeably brighter that the rest of your face. A good blush application is one that gives you a hint of colorful flush that seamlessly blends in with the rest of your skin color. Always bump off any excess blush from the brush before application.

I would love to hear your simple makeup tips – what works best for you?

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Thursday 30th of January 2014

These are some great tips! Definitely agree with the eyebrows one, they can make or break some otherwise great makeup. Eyebrows frame the face :)

Kisa Johnson

Thursday 30th of January 2014

I do like a slight bit of eyeliner extension out to the side. But not huge and dramatic ancient Egypt looking. I wouldn't know how to do that well enough anyway! I'm a very simple make-up kind of girl myself. Some mascara, some eyeliner, and maybe a mildly tinted gloss. That's it though, and very rarely!


Wednesday 29th of January 2014

You know I'm loving this blog post.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.