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Do You Have Klout?

Hey Divas!!!

Today I’m introducing to many of you a tool that many with an online presence use to network and determine their social influence.

Klout measures influence online.
Influence, what’s that really?  It’s driving someone to action.  Whether it’s sharing a YouTube video and getting people to watch it.  Sharing a story on Facebook and having friends like, comment or share it with others.  Our friendships and interactions on websites we use daily – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging sites like Blogger and WordPress, etc.  Through all the different social networking tools we use on a daily basis – tweeting and retweeting; liking and sharing statuses, posting our newest blogs, +1’ing information on Google, uploading YouTube videos, the list could go on and on – we’re influencing people in same form or fashion.  Klout uses data from the content you create or engage in to measure:

True Reach
Network Impact
 True Reach is how many people you actually impact – the people who tend to respond or share the content you post.

Amplification is how much you influence people.  How many people respond to what you post and spread it further?  The more people respond, share, retweet, etc – the higher this reach.

Network Impact is directly related to the people in your True Reach.  How often do the respond and share what you put out there?  The more they do, the higher this score.

Why I use Klout?  To see what topics I share are relevant and what my readers, Facebook and Twitter followers / friends respond to.  This helps me to determine what works and what may need some tweaking.

How can you help? Anyone can go on Klout and give additional feedback (+k) to those they find influential in certain topics.  If you are an avid blog reader, Facebook fan, Twitter follower, YouTuber, etc. etc. etc. – find your favorites and give them Klout to help boost their scores and let them know directly what you find interesting.

You can see the topics that others have determined I have Klout in here: and feel free to chime in with your response as well.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.