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Diva Time: Gender Reveal Party

This weekend a dear friend entrusted me with the task of putting together a gender reveal party. This is totally outside my area of expertise but it was fun to get out of my comfort zone and do something for a wonderful diva!

A gender reveal party is a fun way to get close family and friends together and reveal to them the sex of your family’s newest addition. Typically it is held about 15-20 weeks into a women’s pregnancy. This is different from the actual baby shower that is usually held in the third trimester of the pregnancy. Gifts, usually, are not given at the gender reveal.

Hosting A Gender Reveal Party

5 Simple Gender Reveal Ideas

  • Have fun with it! Invite your guests to interact by dressing in pink or blue (or whatever boy/girl colors you designate). Pinterest has a plethora of gender reveal party theme ideas if you’re stuck on a theme: Beau or Bow?; Moustache or Pearls?; Trucks or Tiaras?; Ties or Tutus?….the list is endless!
    • Your decorations can be as extravagant or simple as you (and your budget) allow. We did a simple layout and asked guests to bring a dish in a container that was either pink or blue and then split the items down the middle (pink side and blue side). We had a few folks that were Team Neutral and their items went right in the middle of the table.

Gender Reveal Welcome Table

  • Find a way to commemorate the event – we chose to do a matte frame. All the guests signed their name in pink or blue and we will include a picture of the sonogram, a group picture and a picture of the actual reveal.
  • Play some games, have some laughs and celebrate life! We only played two games ~ between our girl chat time and the scrumptious food we didn’t have time for many more! The first was a team effort for an Old Wives Tale Quiz – this was a fun way to include the mommy-to-be and watch as guests tried to apply the old wives tales to their pregnancies and hers.
  •  Choose how you’re going to do the big reveal! Have fun with it, include older siblings, make it unique to your family’s style. We chose to do a scavenger hunt that led the guests back to this…

Gender Reveal Cake

We had a little fun with our guests by switching the decorations on the outside of the cake.

Since many of my friends support my blogs (or at least I would like to believe they do), I’m not going to reveal the gender of the baby per Mom’s request.

Have you attended or hosted a gender reveal party?
What did you enjoy most?

Hosting A Gender Reveal Party

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Chene Atkins- Whittington

Sunday 27th of October 2013

What a cute party, I love that cake! Thanks for linking up to That's Fresh Friday with Southern Girl Blog Community!


Friday 25th of October 2013

Very cute! We just had a gender reveal party last year for our baby. I loved doing it. If you are curious how it went, here is the link:

Tingting R.

Friday 18th of October 2013

This is the first time I heard of this party. I will tell my pregnant friend to have this party.

Adin B

Friday 18th of October 2013

What a brilliant idea! That is so fun. To be honest I have never been to a gender reveal party before or hosted one, but thanks for sharing this. Brilliant and FUn!

Nova S

Friday 18th of October 2013

that's very awesome!!! i would suggest to have this reveal party instead of baby shower which i find not pretty common, i bet it would be thrilling.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.