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Date Night For Less Than $20

My husband and I recently had a rare weekday date night and it cost us less than $20!

#DateNight - Inexpensive Ideas for Quality Time

Are we connected on Instagram? I added photos throughout the night (well…most came after we got back home so I wasn’t distracted by social media during our dinner conversation).

Ruby Tuesday is running a promotion through September 9th – purchase 1 meal and get another at 50% off! Once you grab your coupon – it is good for up 2 weeks! So even if you grab your coupon on the 9th, you’ll still have two weeks to use it. Each time you access the link, you’ll receive a unique coupon that’s good for use only once. Make sure you don’t copy or share your coupon with anyone or else someone will be seriously disappointed when it’s time to pay the bill.

So how did the hubby and I have date night for less than $20?

(I had the Lowcountry Shrimp ‘N Grits was scrumptious!!!)

We used our handy coupon and combined it with a $25 gift card that Ruby Tuesday provided. For each of our meal, sodas, and 1 alcoholic beverage that we split – our total was only $9! Of course, we tipped based on our pre-discount price and still came out spending a little over $15! For a dinner for two – you can’t beat that!


(Mr. Gee had the New Orleans Seafood and even shared a bit with me!)

Even if you don’t have a gift card, there are tons of fun and inexpensive date night ideas that you can try:

  • We’ve attended networking events together – typically there are either freebies or reduced price appetizers or meals. We’re able to spend time together and connect with other business-minded locals.
  • Window shopping – totally free. Added bonus – ice cream or some other sweet treat. This, also, helps come up with gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and just because days.
  • Connect with your city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau to find out about festivals and events around town.
  • Walk your neighborhood together.

When you take the time to find unique ways to spend time together, that time becomes special. You could try something new every time  or do the same thing every weekend. What really matters isn’t the money you spend, it’s the time. Have fun!

What free and inexpensive date ideas do you have?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.