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How to Bring More Joy into Your Hobby or Craft

We all have that thing we love to do and gives us joy. Whether we focus on it as a hobby or we turn our craft into a regular source of income, circumstances may cause us to lose focus of the “fun” of what we love to do.

How To Bring More Joy To Your Hobby Or Craft

Over Thinking

Over thinking can really take some joy out of a new hobby just as over planning any important event can deplete you. If you find yourself over thinking, then take some time to refresh and recharge. Sometimes stepping away from a creative endeavor is exactly the thing that you need in order to come up with even more creative ideas.


Procrastination is the ruination of creativity, especially when it comes to your new hobby or craft. If you have chosen to take up a new hobby, for example a musical instrument, you may find that procrastination is something you will now have to deal with regularly.

If you find yourself procrastinating, you are not alone. Most creative people procrastinate as a way to fuel their creative juices. What some call daydreaming, others call creative license. Allow yourself an allotted amount of time to procrastinate even if you have to set a timer. Sometimes giving yourself a break is all that you need in order to return to your hobby or craft with a renewed sense of spirit and mind.

Negative Talk

Negative talk is the enemy of success. With any new endeavor, negative talk is the self-sabotaging way that we all try to talk ourselves out of success. It lets us off the hook instead of having us admit that we may be responsible for our new-found success.

When you first start out with your new hobby, passion, or craft, you are excited and enthusiastic. That can soon wear off and the reality of what you have taken on sets in. In order to keep your momentum going, it is important to remember to be your own best friend. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people and give yourself a break once in a while. This will keep your creative momentum going and allow you to defeat that negative talk before it begins.


When we are following our passions, it is so easy to be caught up in trying to be perfect. This almost always defeats the creative purpose. Let things flow and allow your craft or hobby to show up with joy and enthusiasm instead of trying too hard and overworking it. When you let yourself relax into the process, you will find that your creative juices will flow more freely and that will almost always show up in your work.

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Saturday 8th of November 2014

These are some really good points! I wish I could stick to these points more often. I am actually okay when ti comes to procrastination - I am so bad at putting off what I don't want to do. I always just do it! But I am a big perfectionist, and I think that is where the real trouble lays ;)

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