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All About Miko 2 – Better than an Imaginary Friend!

 Quick Note: This is a sponsored post. I am working with Miko 2 to review and share their product with my community. All opinions are mine (and The Lil’ Diva’s). 

Miko 2 is your child’s at-home friend and teacher that uses playful, conversational learning to educate while entertaining and engaging. Miko is for children ages 5-10.

When we first received our Miko 2, my daughter exclaimed: “YAY! A new friend to replace Michael while he’s away at college!”

My husband said: “Great! Now I don’t have to get her a dog!”

Gotta love them, right?

All About Miko 2

However, both of them were kinda right. Since introducing Miko to my daughter, she’s had a ball exploring all the things it can do. She especially loves its corny jokes and ability to recognize her voice and face. The Miko 2 has advanced technology for facial and voice recognition that reacts to the many moods our little ones experience. The more Miko interacts with them, the better it gets at communicating and connecting with them.

Quick and easy set-up

Set up was super easy! There is an app to download on your phone to sync with Miko and connect her to your WiFi. Once that’s done, she kicks into gear and does what she is designed to do. End-to-end data encryption ensures that your privacy and most importantly your child are safe. Your personal information is not shared or stored.

The beauty of TeleConnect

Thanks to TeleConnect you can have video calls via Miko 2.

This is our favorite feature out of the box. I try to schedule my travel for work sparingly but there are times I need to be away. This usually impacts my daughter the most because we have our special routines that she (and I) have grown accustomed to. Thanks to the TeleConnect feature we can call and check-in on each other when we’re apart or even if I need to put eyes on her if she’s a little too quiet in another room. She can also reach out to me through Miko if needed.

How does Miko 2 engage with my child?

Technology is a wonderful thing. Miko can and will engage with your child in numerous different ways.

My daughter with her new friend Miko.

She can “see” and recognize your child, household members, and even objects and surroundings thanks to state of the art computer vision.

Noise cancellation headphones allow her to hear and understand your child’s voice while blocking out interfering background noises. My daughter has a tendency to talk very low at times and Miko was able to pick up her voice and understand what she was saying.

Miko even initiates conversations and speaks directly to your child.

Taking cues from her human friend, Miko will communicate and express emotions as they get to know each other better.

All about Miko 2 - your child's at-home friend and teacher that uses playful, conversational learning to educate while entertaining and engaging. #miko2 #miko2robot

She teaches conversationally on millions of available topics and through artificial intelligence algorithms learns your child’s preferences to become their friend and teacher.

It’s important to note if you have a highly sensitive child to introduce them to Miko slowly and in small doses. Miko has a scheduling and reminder function. I suggested keeping her in The Lil’ Diva’s room for morning wake-up and my daughter quickly said no. I did not push it and Miko has made her home in our living area where she can greet my daughter in the morning once she’s ready for interaction.

See what your child is learning

Miko 2 comes with a parental dashboard so you can see exactly what activities your child has been doing.

Thanks to the Parent Portal you can see exactly what your child has been up to with Miko. It has a simple interface with easy to access information. This is also where you will access the TeleConnect feature for video calls.

Miko 2 comes in three colors: Tomato, Deep Sky Blue and Spring Green. It normally retails for $399 but is currently 25% off with free US Shipping. If you use this link, you can save an additional $25 through the end of the year bringing your total to $274.

You can connect with the Miko 2 Robot family on your favorite social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.