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35 Reflections On My 35th Birthday

Once we hit adulthood, time seriously seems to speed up. I pinky promise swear I was just celebrating my 30th birthday! And now I’m at the mid-point of my 30s. Over the past few weeks I’ve been jotting down some reflections and thoughts and compiled this list of 35 reflections.

They are in no particular order – just thoughts that popped into my head as I started writing and thinking on where I am,

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Happy Birthday Son

Happy Birthday Son!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been twelve years since my life did a complete 180. My oldest son made a surprise early arrival and has been keeping me on my toes ever since.

It’s amazing how you have a plan for your life, the unexpected happens and you’re left with two choices: wallow in the disappointment or pick yourself up and keep pressing forward and upward.

I remember finally being able to leave the hospital with Michael a week after he was born and my car broke down about a mile from my apartment.

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