Summer Cleaning Tips for Kids’ Rooms

My oldest son recently left for the summer. His absence is the perfect time for me to get into his room and do some serious summer cleaning! Anyone with a tween or teen can relate to this post.

Nope, this is not my kids’ room. I refuse to post before pictures of the madness. It really isn’t as bad as this picture – there’s just clutter and finding his “hiding” spots of treats and snacks he wasn’t supposed to have. (I feed my kid, I promise!)

My son is very cold-natured, so when summer comes around I’m able to finally confiscate his coats and jackets and give them a good cleaning before storing them until late fall.  I, also, take this time to go through his closets to sort his clothing into toss, store and keep piles.  His younger brother will get the majority of his clothing that are suitable for hand-me-downs.  My boys have different thoughts on fashion – so there are some items that I know my younger son most likely won’t wear.  Those items get donated.

My 5 year old loves to help, so I’ll usually give him the task of dusting and wiping down the base boards.

I switch out their black out curtains – I like to use a lighter color during the summer months.Blackouts are still a necessity but it gives the room a brighter feel when I use a lighter color.

While changing the curtains, I’ll open the windows and turn on the ceiling fan to air the room out some. I, also, sprinkle the carpets with baking soda and let it sit for about 30 minutes before vacuuming up.

I, also, clean out book bags and determine if I’ll need to purchase a new one for the following year. I prefer to pay a little more for a book bag that I know will last a few years.  Now that his school is going book-less, the longevity of book bags are increasing!

What summer cleaning rituals do you have in your home?

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  • I have one that likes to clean and the other…well, it takes probing and threats. They are required to keep it clean, but we do a thorough cleaning about every 3 weeks.

  • That’s a lot of cleaning to do!!! good thing it is summer, he won’t have an excuse of not cleaning his bedroom.. kids!

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  • Luckily my son’s room is small enough to keep it comparatively clean 🙂 He’s only 3 and does a great job of picking up after himself. I wonder when that will change – lol.

  • Chubskulit Rose

    My daughter is turning 8 next month and I am still working on her organization skill as she tend to be messy when not guided properly.

  • Bless

    Before summer I already sorted my kids closets and was able to give to my friends and family hand-me-downs. Both my kids are still small so I am doing all the cleaning right now 🙂

  • Summer is a great time for cleaning, I love being able to open all the windows in the house and let fresh air in. It’s also a great time to sort through kid toys. They are outside so much they won’t even miss them!

  • Summer is really the perfect time to really get in the dressers and drawers and clean things out. Not just for the season, but check to see what needs to be donated or stored for another child down the line.

  • My daughter is a teen and has a horrible messy room! I can’t stand or understand her thought process! Good tips though maybe one will work on her this week!!

  • jheylo

    I don’t mind kids making mess as long as they know how to put them all away at the end of the day.

  • Looks like my kids room! hahah

  • My son’s room is worse sometimes than that picture! Well, not messy, just cluttered. I need to organize!!

  • becca112971

    we usr summer as a time to clean out closets and shelves from winter storage

  • Hum–first I have ever heard of a book less school-not sure I like this one little bit!

    • I don’t. They have books in the library the kids can use, enjoy, check-out, etc – but as for the classroom everything is electronic. They don’t have traditional textbooks. Ipads and Chrome Books are taking over.

  • We are going through closets already to get our home ready for salel-great idea!