5 Amazingly Easy Ways To Spoil Yourself Today

5 Amazingly Easy Ways To Spoil Yourself Today

Are you as bad as I am when it comes to setting aside time to spoil yourself?

I put it off. Make excuses. Shower that love and attention on others – family and friends – and if there’s some energy and time left over, I may squeeze in some me-time which usually consists of napping or hiding from my four-year and eating the last cookie. (No judgement zone, Divas, no judgement zone!)

Here’s the thing, that doesn’t cut it.

I regularly tell women that they are AMAZINGLY AWESOME and they need to invest time and energy into building themselves up, promoting their products and services and scheduling time to care for themselves. And I often find myself failing miserably at doing the same for myself.

That’s usually how it happens. The one who pushes others to do it is the one who needs to take their own advice regularly. Side note – if you have someone like this in your life, I challenge you to check-in on them from time to time. They are usually the one who is always pouring into others, the first person that others call when they have challenges and need to vent and often put aside their personal trials and heartaches to help others.

So here’s the deal, I want to challenge you to allow yourself to spoil yourself today. No putting it off. No procrastination. Just do it.

5 Amazingly Easy Ways To Spoil Yourself Today

5 Ways To Spoil Yourself Today

# 1: Treat yourself to something simple that makes you happy: sprinkles on your ice cream, extra caramel drizzle on your favorite caffeinated drink, new pens (because YES!!!) and a journal with a great quote that inspires you, a pedicure with a bright and vibrant color, the list is endless!

# 2: Give yourself 15-30 of quiet time. Put your phone on silent, shut down social media, and just be in the moment. Whether it’s complete silence or .listening to your favorite music or audio book. Bonus points if you diffuse some essential oils like lavender, ylang ylang, chamomile or frankincense.

# 3: Take some time to schedule out self-care dates and moments. Put it on your calendar, set a reminder or reminders and stick to it. Get crazy and set up a countdown to the awesomeness that is time with you, yourself and Hey Girl! – yes, YOU!

# 4: Smile at yourself in the mirror, wear your favorite fragrance or lip color (or both!), take the time to do those little things you might skip over when feeling rushed and hurried. You’re worth it and it’ll make you feel awesome!

# 5: Make an experience of the little moments in your life. Add some home-made fizzies to your shower for a spa experience, add whipped cream and your favorite syrup to your morning coffee (or afternoon or evening) cup of coffee (a quick glance at my Instagram account lets you know this is one of my favorite indulgences), serve a meal on your “good” plates, walk through your day as though your theme music was playing whenever you made moves.

These are just some simple, but effective, ways to spoil yourself that do not take a lot of time and effort on your part. It allows you to be in the moment and give yourself the care and attention that you need and deserve.

So, let’s hear it Diva, how will you spoil yourself today?