Simple Ways to Encourage Others

Finding simple ways to encourage others can do wonders to boost their morale and make you feel better, too.

Helping and encouraging others without selfish intentions is a great way to give yourself an emotional boost.

simple ways to encourage others


No matter how small and insignificant they may seem to you, positive actions do wonders to boost someone’s esteem and morale. By being that spark of positivity for someone, you can ignite wonders within them!

  • Make celebrations a part of your regular routine: celebrate victories, large and small
  • Be specific with your praise – “You did a great job at doing ….” or “I liked how you ….”
  • Tell others how they’ve encouraged and/or inspired you
  • Let others know how wonderful someone is – endorse them, write a review of their product/service, forward a letter to their boss or headquarters, etc
  • Recognize that you being a supportive presence in their life means wonders. Many people do not have a support system, someone to cheer them on or give them a shoulder to lean on. You are making a difference just by being you.
  • Offer assistance – be specific and ask “How can I help?” or “What do you need?” Be willing to follow through with your offer.
  • I always try to offer encouragement when I see people working hard. – Joi, Rx Fitness Lady
  • I love sharing how people encouraged me, and helped me one way or another – Kalley, Blogging While Nursing

What ways do you encourage others or prefer to encourage others? Comment below and I’ll add your unique suggestions to this list. If you’re a blogger and/or business owner, I’ll even link your suggestion back to your site. Thanks, in advance for your support and contributions!

Have a fantastic day and remember to make someone’s day a little brighter!



  • jody53

    I try to always leave a message when I read a post that is helpful or encouraging to me. I hope it makes them feel good, I know it would, me. I love helping people. A small word of encouragement and thanking people can really make a difference.

  • One of my favorite books, The Happiness Project, talked about celebrating things! To really enjoy the celebration and the anticipation!

  • Ambitious Curls (@AmbitiousCurls)

    I usually send a private FB message to those I admire just so that they keep up the good work. Because when I receive those messages I’m happy for weeks!

  • Love it. We are all about validation on our blog…there is nothing better than when someone gives you a compliment on something you have done! 🙂 Great post.-Ashley

  • Just letting another person know that they made a difference, with their words, or actions can be amazing for the giver and receiver. I love sharing how people encouraged me, and helped me one way or another.

  • This is great as usual. I always try to offer encouragement when I see people working hard. I also let them know that it motivates me. I always appreciate a simple quick text that lets me know I’ve helped someone along the way so I try to put out that same energy. When you are having a bad day, it can be just the boost you need!

    • Joi – I love that you let others know what motivates you! Knowing that helps us to return the favor or perk you up when we see that you’re having a down day! Awesome ideas!!! Thanks for your support, as always 🙂