September Social Media Calendar

September Social Media Prompts

This article shares 30 September Social Media Prompts to help you show up consistently prepare your social media content calendar for the month.

Fall is in the air. Quarter 3 is coming to a close and there are so many amazing ways to show up within your business this month.

Each month I strive to share a social media calendar to get you started with engaging content to connect with your followers and build a community of supporters and customers. Community building has been a game-changer for my business and social media presence. When you are in the process of building your community it is important to post consistently on your social media channels, engage and be your authentic self.

During a recent Facebook Live video, I discussed ways to incorporate some of this month’s prompts into your social media strategy and shared ways to use this calendar on a consistent basis in a way that fits your community and its needs:

Below is a graphic you can save to for easy access or you can bookmark this article to refer to each day for your September Social Media Prompts. The great thing about these prompts is that you can use them to post on your social media channels – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat, the list is endless. You can create images, live-streams and even quick video snippets to answer each prompt and encourage your followers to respond back to you with their answers or ideas.

September 2018 Social Media Content Calendar

September Social Media Calendar

  1. #BizGoals: Share your goals and focus for the new month
  2. #SelfieSunday: Share a selfie and what you’re looking forward to this week.
  3. Labor Day: How are you spending your Labor Day?
  4. #TipTuesday: Share a tip that answers a question you’re frequently asked.
  5. #Women2Follow: Share inspirational women in your industry with your community.
  6. Fight Procrastination Day: How do you keep yourself from procrastinating?
  7. #FridayIntroductions: (Re)Introduce yourself and your business to your community.
  8. Promote YOU: Share a produce or service you offer.
  9. #Sunday Read: Share a recent article you have written, been featured in or enjoyed reading
  10. #MotivationMonday: Share a favorite motivational quote to kickstart the week
  11. Patriot Day: Commemorate as you see fit based on your platform and personal connections to 9/11.
  12. National Day of Encouragement: Share about a time someone encouraged you in your business
  13. Positive Thinking Day: Share a positive affirmation, quote or book
  14. #FollowFriday: Highlight 2-3 business owners you support
  15. National Thank You Day: Thank your community for connecting with you.
  16. National Women’s Friendship Day: Share a business friend and why she’s awesome
  17. Life of an Entrepreneur: What sacrifice(s) have you made and how have they paid off?
  18. Read an eBook Day: Share an eBook you’ve written or enjoyed reading
  19. #BizTip: Share how you network with others in your community
  20. Self Improvement Month: How do you focus on self-improvement?
  21. World Gratitude Day: Share how you’re thankful for your business, customers and journey
  22. #SocialSaturday: Get (extra) social. Post a get-to-know-you question or go live to chat.
  23. #GoodMorning: How do you spend your Sunday mornings?
  24. Time Saving Tip: Share a time saving tip to kickstart the week
  25. World Dream Day: What is a dream that you’re living out thanks to your business?
  26. Promote YOU: Share a testimonial from a customer.
  27. #OneWord2018: How has your One Word impacted your biz so far this year?
  28. Friday Introductions: Introduce yourself, your business, and what makes you unique.
  29. #Workspace: Share your workspace and how it helps your productivity
  30. #September2018: Share your favorite moments from this month