14 Things I Love About Me

Happy Valentine’s Day Divas!

I hope you all had a fantastic day embracing love, life and joy.

DivatudeValentine’s Day is a day that can bring out the best of and worst of in people. There’s those that absolutely detest the day and those that seem to live for this day of the year to spread love and cheer to everyone they meet.

This month on Divas With A Purpose we’re celebrating and embracing self-love because before you can love another person fully, you must be able to love and accept yourself.

There are so many divas out there with low self-esteem because of the words and actions of others in their past.


Speak It! Live It! Believe It! Embrace It!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I encourage you all to list at least 14 things that you love about yourself.

My list in no particular order of importance

  1. I’m just so wonderful and loveable
  2. I’m a great listener
  3. I’m patient
  4. I love helping others
  5. I’m an awesome wife and mother
  6. I look great in purple – my favorite color
  7. I’ve got book smarts and common sense
  8. I can laugh at myself
  9. I learn from mistakes
  10. I can accept others – faults, differences and all
  11. I don’t have to be the center of attention
  12. I’m a homebody
  13. I can adapt easily
  14. Did I mention how awesome and wonderful I am 🙂

Are you able to list at least 14 things you love about yourself?
What’s at the top of your list?


  • I agree that self-love is super important. Recognizing strengths and weaknesses objectively is important.

  • Oooo, this is a tough one for people to do! I might be guilty of being incredibly critical of myself because of my #1 on the list… I’m always pushing to be better.

  • Great post! We do need to love ourselves!

  • I think this is something we need to do more often. It can be hard to do but we need to remind ourselves that we are awesome every now and then 🙂

  • I love this… You are so right, we MUST love ourselves FIRST!!! great post and I love all the things you love about yourself… – Here are my 14 –
    1. I am caring
    2. I am loyal
    3. I will bend over backwards for anyone
    4. I am funny
    5. I am fun to be around
    6. I love to laugh
    7. I am energetic
    8. I will go anywhere
    9. I do not have patience, but I know it and try
    10. I do what I can to help people
    11. I wish I could do more, but am okay with all I do
    12. I have a great smile
    13. I am a pretty good cook
    14. I can make a mean spinach dip

    • michelledgarrett

      Great list Shauna! Ummm…is that spinach dip recipe easily accessible on your blog 🙂

  • 1. I love that I recognize I get my strength from God 2. I’m a great wife 3. I’m a awesome mom 4. I love where I am at this moment 5. I’m very approachable 6. I ‘m a great listener 7. I love easily 8. I forgive easily 9. I make friends easily 10. I’m a hard worker 11. I’m a positive person 12. I have great style 13. I love my curves 14. I accept people despite challenges, having a special needs daughter has taught me this lesson.

    • michelledgarrett

      Love it!!! Thank you for sharing this awesome list, Diva!