Review of The #Tools4Wisdom Planner

I have looked for years for the “perfect” planner. Between family and professional obligations, I need a planner that allows me to track it all – appointments, birthdays and anniversaries, blog responsibilities, direct sales appointments, and my oh-so-busy social life (tad bit of sarcasm, there!).  Also, a few years ago I introduced The Divatude Challenge – a year-long focus on S.M.A.R.T. goals that includes weekly, monthly and quarterly accountability. Part of the challenge includes creating targeted action steps each week that align with your overall goals – having those action items visible in my planner were a must and helped shape my schedule and focus.

Imagine my excitement when I received a planner to review that encompassed ALL of my needs PLUS some! I’m doing a happy dance all over again.

My Review of The #Tools4Wisdom Weekly Planner | Divas With A Purpose

 Key Features of Tools4Wisdom’s Planner

  • A SMART Goal-Focused Planner that can (and should) be used to manage your personal and professional activities
  • Ability to track your annual, monthly and weekly goals, priorities and action items
  • Daily schedules in 30 minute in increments from 5 AM to 11 PM
  • Thought-provoking questions to ensure you are focusing on items that truly impact your overall goals

Goal Setting Using #Tools4Wisdom's Weekly Planner

Tool4Wisdom’s Planners strive to help the users THINK SMART with a weekly planner that lays out each week for you to list the primary outcomes you want, steps to accomplish those outcomes and creative ideas to enhance your life.  There’s even an area to prioritize your action items to help you remain focused on what’s truly important and essential.

Tool4Wisdom’s Planners strive to help the users THINK CREATIVE by asking questions about your goals, your dreams and how your life will ultimately look, so you can answer—finding answers you may never have known were inside you. Scientific studies have proven that unlike electronic alternatives, the very act of writing on paper stimulates new creative thinking. The more you write by hand in your Weekly Planner, the more new ideas you will inspire. I’ve tried to use electronic planners and am always drawn back to trusty, paper planner.

And finally, Tool4Wisdom’s Planners strive to help the users THINK BIG by helping you live the life you were destined for, in small, manageable steps you take every week, and great new ideas you get by writing every day.

You can get more details on and purchase your own planner on Amazon by clicking here.

I’d love to know – what do you look for in a “perfect” planner?
Have you found one you really love or are you still looking?
Have you begun your 2015 goal-planning?
I’d love to help share and encourage you with your success!

Here’s to a fantastic year!



  • Sra Berenjena

    Hi Michelle, are you still using this planner? Have you found a better one?

    • Hi there! Last year I started using bullet journaling (not the ornate pretty style but just functional for me layouts) where I can keep everything in place. The Tools4Wisdom was great and served it’s purpose when I used it, but I found I needed something to keep all areas of my life together.

  • Aisha Kristine Chong

    this is quite a planner to have I wonder if my brother would like this hehe.

  • I love planners but haven’t found the perfect one yet. I’m trying a new blog planner this year so we’ll see how that works out!

  • This would totally help me get organized! I already have like three planners for the new year! Ack! I need to streamline.

  • I am addicted to buying planners. I find it hard to find the perfect one so I buy various different layouts.

  • Wishing you a successful 2015! I’ve been searching for the perfect planner for some time now. I found a nice personal planner but my problem is inserts lol I don’t like overly girly inserts or too plain/boring ones.

  • I am the poster child for goal setting, and anything that makes that easier and more effective, I’m all for. This planner has lots of great features!

  • I am fond of having journals/planners lately. This one’s a great planner, thank you for sharing the infos. It’s always best to be organized.

  • Love your planner. It seems you have discovered a perfect planner for you. Still I am working on my planner. I think this would be a helpful guide to me. Have a great new year 2015.

  • Great overview of the planner and the general benefits of a planner! I think it’s super-valuable as your blog scales… Here’s to a successful and well-organized 2015!


  • Michelle Hwee

    I absolutely love planners, they keep me organized and are pretty too! I love this one, looks like everything I would need.

  • I have this same planner!!! I absolutely love it! First planner I have ever found with all the categories I need for my blog :):)

    • Yes!!! I love that I can use it to keep up with my blog life, too!

  • Love the layout of this – so simple yet organized. Thanks for sharing!

  • It really is hard to find the ‘right’ planner. I’m glad you found yours! Happy New Year to you.

    • Thank you, Rosey!!! Happy New Year to you, too! Here’s to a fantastic year for us all!

  • THis is unlike any other planners out there. This one is perfect for goal oriented individuals like me. Thanks God we have a product like this available.

    • You’re right – I haven’t seen a planner similar to this one marketed. Very thankful for the opportunity to review it and share with my readers!

  • Elizabeth O.

    What a very detailed planner! Love how it encourages users to reflect on their everyday lives.

    • Exactly Elizabeth! Rather than focusing on my to-do list I’m focusing on my “whys”. Love it!

  • Fi Ní Neachtáin

    This looks like such a great planner. It’s really detailed, sure to keep you motivated this year!

    • That’s the plan! I’m sure it’ll keep me on track, focused and accountable this year.

  • This looks like a great planner! I think planners can really help you succeed at achieving your goals. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome and I definitely agree! One of my good friends uses hers regularly and has done so since middle school. She was my inspiration for beginning to use one.

  • That is brilliant. I love all the details. I told myself that I’m going to buy me a planner for 2015 and I haven’t done it yet.

    • Hi Lynndee! Hope you get one soon – if you’re looking to focus more on your goals and purpose in the upcoming year I hope you look into the #Tools4Wisdom line of planners.

  • I need a great planner… that I will actually use. I have found pen and paper are not for me so a digital one is where I need to focus.

  • Catherine S

    This looks like a great planner. I need to use this I am always so unorganized.

  • Kathy

    I love this! I need something like this. This could really come in handy! Looks so organized and useful.

  • This planner looks like it has a lot of great sections to help you set and achieve goals. Personally, I don’t use a planner at all- I somehow stay organized up in my head, or with post it notes!

  • Looks like this planner has a lot of useful tools within its pages.

  • Sounds like a great plan this year. I’ve seen many planner but this one looks great and looks arrange correctly.

  • This looks like a really helpful planner. I have lots of goals for the year!

    • Yay! Much success on the goals you have outlined for this upcoming year! I love that each week of the Tools4Wisdom planner starts with spaces for your to plan your week in alignment with your goals and priorities.

  • This is a nice planner. I love how it’s more functional than the conventional planners that we all got used to. With this one, you’re sure to be guided all throughout the year to ensure that you’re organized and on-track with the goals that you want to achieve.

    • Exactly! It’s more than just a space to write down your daily schedule. It’s an accountability tool!

  • I’ve seen these Planners! I think they’d make a great blog planner. May look into one if my EC planner doesn’t work out again this year!

  • Sounds like an awesome planner, i am still on the market for 2015 planner but balance my 4 corners of my life

  • That is an awesome planner. I am definitely going to try to get better at setting and meeting my goals this year.

    • Good for you! It’s a process but gets easier overtime. Start with a one or two small ones and work your way up. Have a fantastic 2015!